Bath Time Blues

Blogged under General,Pictures by Steph on Monday 4 July 2005 at 10:04 pm

If there is one thing that can regularly get our baby girl cranked up it is the bath. She only gets one every other night at this point but boy does she dislike it. Everyone else we talk to says their children love the bath and it relaxes them but not Mara. She gets her bath in the Primo bathtub (thanks Nilou) which is perfect for her small body. It is designed to be used for when babies are very small and for when they get larger. Then we take her out of the bath, dry her off and put on a diaper. Once that is done we take her over to the sink to wash her hair at this point in time. It just seems easier and we want to be very careful not to get water in her ears.

The classical music I’d play during bath time to create a relaxing atmosphere never seemed to do much of anything except create an even noisier environment with all the crying. You know Luke & I keep trying to tell her that there is no crying in the bathtub (adaptation from the movie A League of Their Own) but she doesn’t seem to be reasoned with at this age.

Yesterday when Luke & I went to Babies R Us. I took Shannon’s advice to get some play toys for the bath because it worked for Parker. We got some little sea creatures called “squirts” that you fill up with water and well…squirt! No tears for the first time ever during the bath and shampoo last night. We will see if this continues or if it was just a fluke but until then enjoy this very funny picture of Mara’s first bath ever! Was she a little surprised or what?

Mara 1st Bath

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