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July 7, 2005

New Pen Pal

Filed under: General — Luke @ 10:26 pm

Well at least once Mara is able to write, then maybe there will be a new pen pal. Congratulations to our friends Brian, Tara and Dani on the arrival of Grace Olivia to the family! We are so happy for them.

Grace Carter

P.S. Whoever supplies those blankets has it made! Everyone uses them!

New Outfit = Cute Pictures

Filed under: Pictures — Luke @ 10:17 pm

As Mom was getting Mara ready for her 4 month photo session, she tried some prep shots in a couple new outfits to figure out which ones to take along. Some of her cutest shots were in this new blue beaut supplied by Auntie Jen. Thanks Jen!

We thought we would post them to share (click to enlarge). Enjoy!

Blue Beach Outfit1
Blue Beach Outfit2
Blue Beach Outfit3
Blue Beach Outfit4

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