Tasty Tootsies

Blogged under Pictures by Steph on Thursday 21 July 2005 at 9:59 pm

I know in the past I mentioned how Mara had found her feet. Now she’s totally obsessed with sucking on them. I shouldn’t say them it’s mostly her right foot for some reason. And incidentally it always smells stinkier than her left one perhaps due to all the saliva on it. You know we are new silly parents when we start not just smelling her feet but talking about it too.

So tonight I was at Dillards getting some clothes and Mara is riding around in her stroller with me enjoying the scenery and being quite well behaved. Well behaved but I didn’t say lady like. She had her tongue hanging out of her mouth and she was stroking her right foot down her tongue. It was very amusing!!

How is it I could never find a sales associate in any department store before strolling around with “little miss”? I swear the lady in the shoe dept. asked me three times if she could help me then followed me around the store commenting how what a cute baby Mara is and how she has such a pleasant demeanor.

Foot In Mouth

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