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July 30, 2005

Jen, Conan, and Mara

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Aunt Jen and Conan are in for a visit. Mara was unable to stay up late enough to see them last night when they got in, but is spending a lot of time with them today. Mara loves them!

Jen Conan And Mara

Model Session Proofs

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This is a follow up from an older post where we had measly scans of inkjet printouts of the pictures taken. This week we got the proofs for the pages we are buying for her book. Its a specialized keepsake bound book (aka expensive) that we got for her that we will fill over time as she ages and we go to more sessions. We have 5 in it from her newborn session. See the 3 new pages below.

Photo Session8Photo Session9Photo Session10

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