Is That A “Little Devil” in the Tub?

Blogged under Pictures by Steph on Monday 10 October 2005 at 8:42 pm

So finally at about 4-5 months the little one started adjusting to the bath. Now at 7 months she seems to really have fun taking a dip in her Eurobath compliments of Nilou, Charlie & Yassi! It’s a cool tub because when they get older (like now for Mara) the tub turns the other direction and the baby can sit up like she is doing in this picture. I made her some shampoo horns but really if I could I would’ve made a halo! She is such a sweet baby. We really couldn’t ask for a better one than her!



p.s. Did you notice the page is turned? She reads everywhere these days…the beach….the bathtub!!!

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