The New Standing Toy

Blogged under Videos by Luke on Thursday 13 October 2005 at 10:51 pm

OK. So we’re on a roll, because today you get another posting. You will be happy to know that I already have another idea for a video, but will have to shoot it yet. Maybe this coming weekend.

Anyways, this video is fun to watch. It is Mara playing with a new toy we got her a couple of weeks ago. I forget the name, but the purpose is for her to be able to pull herself up and practice standing at it. Mom and Dad cheat a little right now and put her up to it ourselves in a standing position, and she is pretty good at standing at it on her own for short periods of time. Really, she wouldn’t even do that when we first got it so she is making progress. I have to figure that this is way too early for her to take this to the next step of walking, but one never knows. Regardless, we hope it is a good start.

Maras Standing Table Video

Maras Standing Table Video

7.0 MB / Time 2:50

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