Cake at 10am… Sharp!

Blogged under Pictures by Luke on Saturday 22 October 2005 at 10:47 pm

So today was Davis Bryant’s birthday party at the Greensboro Children’s Museum this morning. This was our first stop on a full day and the party started at 9:30am. The first order of the party was to go around the museum and play for a little bit. Mara found some time in the younger children’s play area that had vinyl/foam blocks to play with. We set her loose in the PIT as we like to call it. She had some fun, especially with the mirror. That is until she got so excited that she banged her head on it (pic 7). Believe it or not, I also think this may be one of the rare sitings of Mom in a picture.

Ooops, forgot to get a picture with Davis, the bday boy. Next year!

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