My Favorite Thing To Do In The Kitchen….Besides Eat That Is

Blogged under General,Pictures by Steph on Sunday 15 January 2006 at 3:21 pm

Mara adores opening her drawer at the bottom of our cabinets. It is purposefully the lowest drawer so at some point she can be helpful and get her “stuff” to help mommy out with mealtime. At first we had quite a few crying sessions since she didn’t understand the drawer would close on her little fingers. I think she understands this to some degree now because she hasn’t hurt her fingers in quite some time. At this point she’s really of no help. She just utterly enjoys pulling everything out of drawer and it occupies her for tens of minutes on end! This allows mom to get time to fix dinner with her close by so we just live with the mess it creates and hope at some point we can teach her to pick up after herself. Check out this cheesy grin which speaks volumes about how happy her little heart gets over this activity!

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