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So, we just had Mara’s 1st birthday party on Saturday. She won’t really be one until this Wednesday. It was not a big event, but big enough and very fun for both attendants and the birthday girl. Grandma came in for a visit from New York. Nana was expected as well but unfortunately wasn’t feeling well and was missed. The day started as it normally would. It wasn’t until lunch time that things changed a little. We all enjoyed some good barbeque from Prissy Polly’s. Mara is a big fan.

Bday06 6

My fist tastes great… thanks.

After lunch we got Mara’s birthday cake out. For some reason the woman at the grocery store felt that “1st Happy Mara” fit on the cake better than “Happy 1st Mara.” Go figure.

Bday06 7

Cake Mara likes

Needless to say it got messy.

Bday06 19

Check out my clown face

After a quick bath, we proceeded to have Mara open her presents. She got some gifts that will go toward her savings for an education. She seemed to enjoy that.

Bday06 28

Teaching Mara early

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