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Blogged under Videos by Luke on Wednesday 5 April 2006 at 6:08 am

Mara has been progressing quite a bit lately. We are still amazed at her capacity to learn and what she is able to show us she knows every day. There are a lot of people out there wondering when she will be walking. Well, we will get to that.

First, we took some video last week of her latest skills. You will see that she has gotten adept at maneuvering her mail cart. This has helped her practice walking without Mom or Dad’s assistance. Just before this shot she walked the cart up to Kiwi’s cage to say “hi Kiwi.”

Next you will see that she can get up the stairs quite easily, then she will show you what she knows about her blocks. Last she plays with some bowling pins that she got at Christmas time, and only after watching tape does Dad realize that she said “Dog” about 5 times without me acknowledging it because I didn’t notice what the blue pin is. A dog. As Mom indicated in an earlier post she has gotten quite a vocabulary. You will see it here a little. Notice how she says “please.” She only gets out the “P” and “S.”

Stairs And Blocks Video
Stairs And Blocks Video

13.4 MB / Time 5:22

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