The Moment, Part 1

Blogged under Videos by Luke on Thursday 6 April 2006 at 7:06 am

So, it was an eventful weekend. First on Friday Mara visited Parker at Bob and Shannon Sowell’s. Mara and Parker hung out for a little while, but then Mara was unable to go to sleep in a strange house while Parker went off to bed. Instead she provided entertainement for everyone. She also showed that she had been practicing her walking skills a little by taking a couple steps from person to person.

The next morning Mara got to go to the pool at the YMCA. Come to think of it, the video of her swimming lesson has never been posted. Maybe that will get on here soon. Anyways, Mara really enjoyed the pool. Dad dunked her a couple times, but she was also trying to blow bubbles and kick her feet.

Then on Sunday Dad and Mara were playing with her princess ball. Mara seemed to want to stand and hold her ball like she sees the neighbors when they play basketball. It wasn’t long until Dad convinced her to take a few steps to the ottoman. Mom came in soon after and got some video. Sorry that the lighting is blown out a little. So, this is the first video of Mara standing on her own, a new trick discovered just last week, and then video of her taking quite a few steps on her own.

Practice Walking Part One Video
Practice Walking Part One Video

11.2 MB / Time 4:30

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