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May 4, 2006

$1.99 Equals Fun

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So the other day we were in Target and we passed by one of those large wire bins full of plastic balls. Being one of the first words that Mara learned, she spares no opportunity to let us know that she can point a ball out. We were also letting her walk around the store at this point so whe went right up to the bin and asked us to get one out for her. Needless to say after playing with the ball for a short while, we were not going to get her away from it. So, we spent the $1.99 for the ball (a bargain) and she has played with it ever since. There is something just funny about a little person like her walking around and trying to carry a ball that is over half her size. She manages it pretty well and has a load of fun with it. Its the best money spent so far. It just seems that with the little people spending less ends up getting you more. It’s the expensive toys that just lay around the house.

Pink Ball Video

Pink Ball Video

12.7 MB / Time 5:06

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