Baby Brother Preparation Underway

Blogged under Pictures by Steph on Tuesday 3 April 2007 at 7:40 pm

So Sunday, April 1st, at the hospital Mara took a class called Big Sister/Big Brother. It’s designed for 2-5 year olds to prepare them for a sibling. She brought her baby doll as you will see by the pictures. They were taught how to diaper their dolls and wrap them up in a blanket. The blankets were crocheted and donated by volunteers and Mara got to pick hers out and keep it. Of course she picked the pink one for her girl doll! After those lessons we went upstairs to the nursery to see any babies that might happen to be in there. Luckily there was a little baby boy. She looked thru the nursery window at him and said, “Hi baby”! After that she got to visit an empty patient room so she will have some familiarity with it when she sees her mom there. All in all it was a good class and at the end believe it or not she “passed” and got to receive a certificate with a gold seal on it. She was ran up to the front of the room when they called her name to get it. Upon returning to mom and dad she showed us her gold seal saying, “ooooooo”!

Sure her baby is upside down in a photo and also her head is covered up with the blanket but hey, she’s working on this big sister thing, right? Click on the any picture to view the entire album.

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