Weather Resurgence

Blogged under Videos by Luke on Monday 9 November 2009 at 10:32 pm

Yesterday was a beautiful day down here in NC. We got a chance to go to the playground as a result yesterday morning and the kids had a blast getting outside. We went to a new playground, for us anyways, and it was huge. We went to City Lake Park that we heard about from the Sowell’s. Unfortunately the park was “closed” for the season which meant some of the attractions were closed, but the playground was plenty of entertainment. Here are a couple of videos of the kids having fun.

Zip Video
Zip Video

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Climbing Video
Climbing Video

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You might need to use Quicktime to view these.

Pre-Halloween Party At School

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Mara has been having so much fun at her school so far this year. She just loves it. And they do so many fun things to make it so easy to love.

Like this week, on Thursday, they had a little Halloween party. They were nice enough to let siblings come in as well if they could. Campbell got a kick out of that. He stopped in at the end of the day for lunch and hung out. Now when he goes by the church he says “Mara’s school!” and tells us how much he likes it.

Mara has made some new friends already and is always excited to go off for the day.


First Day Of Pre-K

Blogged under Pictures by Luke on Tuesday 8 September 2009 at 10:30 pm

Wow. Time has gone by so fast. Mara is already going to school. Maybe it’s too early to really call this school, but she is going to pre-K. That is more of a classroom setting than she has been so far.

She was very excited to go. It just so happens that we saw her teacher at Chick-fil-a the day before on chance. That got her even more ready.

FirstSchool 02

With backpack, ready to learn. Cutie.

We were all excited for her, although brother Campbell seemed a little sad that he wouldn’t be with his sister today.

FirstSchool 04

Pouty lip.

She had a very good day. Mom took a picture of her with her certificate after the first day. Let’s see how many the teachers continue to hand out (is this going to go on every day?) or how many Mara can get.

FirstSchool 05

First Time Reading Mail

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It has been a little while since we last checked in with Mara and her reading progress since seeing her off on her new adventure back in March. She did an amazing job getting through those BOB books and we were having some trouble finding the next step to take her on. The same series of books were no longer on sale at Costco, so we moved on to some other first reader books that we could find or just kept repeating what she already had read. Then the summer came and we enrolled Mara in a “summer camp” for reading put on through the UNC school system. She really enjoyed her first school-like setting and it was a great course to help parents to understand how to teach reading to their kids. It was one day a week for five weeks with some home lessons to do as well. It sounds more involved than it was, but the intent was to teach parents to teach their kids.

This year Mara will be attending Pre-K down the street. Her new teacher Miss Alicia sent a little introductory postcard to all of her students so this was one of her first personal pieces of mail. We saved it for her to read herself.

Here is a video of her reading the card. She had read it once to Mom earlier in the day. Mom indicated that she did even better the first time. Here she was a little distracted I think (with the camera on) and brother also comes by to interrupt. But she still does pretty good! There are some words in there I wouldn’t think she would get.

Postcard Video
Postcard Video

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Back to Emerald Isle

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It took us a little while to remember our last visit to Emerald Isle. We had just forgotten that the trip we had in 2005 was to this location. But now we remember again because this is a beautiful vacation spot.

We are sharing a house with the McDonough Mob and the Poythress Pod and having a great time. The kids are at an age that we plop them on the beach and they have a ton of fun. Better yet they are both getting more accustomed to the ocean and will spend a little more time in the water. Having that and a pool out in the back of the house make for a great week.

Emerald0907 39Emerald0907 37

The kids ready for the beach.

Emerald0907 25

Who knew? Mara likes to be buried in the sand.

Emerald0907 15

What a body!

Emerald0907 06


Emerald0907 44

Grace is chillin’.

A Visit To SML

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This past weekend we were lucky enough to be invited up to Smith Mountain Lake to the Sowell’s lake house. This was the first time for most of the family to ever visit there. Mom was the only one that had visited in the past. So to get out on the lake in a boat was a new adventure for Mara and Campbell. They absolutely loved it.

There was a lot of riding on the boat. Lots of swimming in the lake. And some riding in the tube. And the weekend also meant that there was some yummy food to eat like ice cream. The lake has an ice cream boat! Just like the truck that comes to your neighborhood, only on the water. Who would have thought?

SML0906 03

The princess.

SML0906 51SML0906 27SML0906 31SML0906 14

All my children… I mean two only.

SML0906 24

The fam on the dock.

SML0906 46SML0906 26

The other fam in the boat and on the dock.

Weekend In Wilmington

Blogged under Pictures by Luke on Tuesday 26 May 2009 at 11:59 pm

This past weekend we braved the holiday traffic and took the trek down to Wilmington to spend time with the g’rents. The kids were happy to see them and they were happy to see the kids.

On Saturday we made a little trip to Southport to check out the action over there. The kids enjoyed getting some lollipops and rock candy and chasing seagulls in the park at the mouth of the Cape Fear River.

MemDayWkend09 04

Strolling the waterway with Mom.

The more memorable moments for the kids came on Sunday when we went to the beach. We got there early enough to beat the big crowds and got a parking spot. None were left when we were leaving and we could have sold for a pretty penny. Mara was making bucket runs for water with grandma in order to build a sand castle. Campbell was playing in the sand with cars. Pretty soon it turned into burying Mara and putting sand castles on top of her. Unfortunately we didn’t foresee Campbell’s confusion by the burial, and we would hear Mara saying, “careful Campbell, you’re stepping on me.” She really enjoyed it and stayed there for a while.

MemDayWkend09 29

Kiss the head.

It was tough to get them to settle up to leave. Campbell tried to stay. Getting back in the car, Mara spontaneously said, “thanks mom and dad for taking us to the beach!”

You can click on either picture to get to the full album.

Easter In The Park

Blogged under Pictures by Luke on Monday 13 April 2009 at 11:23 pm

Yesterday we celebrated Easter with the kids and got some time to spend with the grandparents. The weekend was busy with Campbell’s birthday the day before, so the events were a little crammed together and not well planned. Luckily the Easter Bunny showed up on time to eat some carrots and lay some eggs.

Easter09 01

The kids had fun finding their bags, and not baskets this year. And that provided more candy then they know what to do with. Now meals start with wanting M&Ms or jelly beans. That is a tough battle to fight.

Easter09 05

After breakfast we dressed the kids up a little and took them to The Bicentennial Garden to see what we could see. Of course there were flowers planted all about. And halfway around the park we took a stop to blow some bubbles. Mommy snapped some pictures and below are some results. Also pick any of the pictures to click through to the rest of the album.

Easter09 07

Easter09 16

Easter09 21

Easter09 26

Easter09 27

First Book Read

Blogged under Pictures by Luke on Sunday 15 March 2009 at 9:29 pm

Mara hit a milestone today by reading her first book ever! She has been making a lot of progress on her letter sounds, and also at sounding out words. She will often do some of it by herself. She has gotten to the point that sometimes she will read a word on her own while we are out and about, or even recognize some simple words quite readily.

Since she was doing so well I really wanted to see what she could do if motivated to try a whole book. Most of the ones on her bookshelf are too hard. Also some of the beginning reading books she has are hard too (of course she wanted to start right in on the princess book). I was looking for something like, “see spot run.” Steph reminded me that we have BOB books. I am not familiar with them, but it is exactly what we needed. We pulled out book 1 from collection 1, named “Mat.” It is only about 6 or 7 pages, with things like, “Mat sat. Sam Sat. Mat sat on Sam.” (that would be 3 pages, and don’t ask me why it’s not “Matt”)

Perfect. She sounded the words out and did it all.


Wanna hear me read?

Daddy makes Mara’s ‘dream’ come true

Blogged under General by Steph on Sunday 8 March 2009 at 7:10 pm

Tonight Luke and Mara are watching the Wake Forest vs. Clemson game. Mara said she wanted to give “The Demon Deacon” meaning the mascot a hug. Daddy tracked him down for her and here’s the result! You’re the best Daddy!


Wow..could this be? An actual posting that is timely on Mara or Campbell’s blog. Crazy huh. We are working on, well really Steph, is working on posting more!

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