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December 28, 2005

Bobbin and Weavin

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Mara has been exhibiting some new tricks lately. One of them is her penchant for dancing at her standing table. When we last showed Mara using this table, it was very early on and Mara could stand, but not without some help getting to the position and some close supervision. In the last week Mara has shown us that she can stand up at the table by herself, and we don’t need to watch her *too* close. The funny part is watching her dance, or what she thinks is dancing. She likes to bob her head a lot. Take a look.

Mara Dance2 Video

Mara Dance2 Video

8.4 MB / Time 3:23

December 25, 2005

Mara’s 1st Christmas

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I wanted to get up some material as quick as I could so that people can see what Mara is up to on her very first Christmas. Things are a little busy in the house right now as all our guests arrived a little later in the morning. In this video you will see Mara opening the first of some of her gifts. She did not get to them all before she was tired and had to get to bed for a nap. Its a little longer than some of the other videos but you get to see how she is enjoying the day. Mom and Dad wonder why they got anything for her since Santa was so good and got her enough already.

Maras 1st Xmas Video
Maras 1st Xmas Video

35.2 MB / Time 13:53

December 22, 2005

Dear Santa

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So Luke tells me I’ve been deficient in blogging recently. I suppose that is what happens when you try to move and prepare for the holidays all at once. Anyway here is my attempt to regenerate my routine blogging skills.

Mara visited Santa at the Jamestown Methodist Church. My friend Melissa’s MOPS (moms of preschoolers) group was having a craft show at the church. We felt it would be a good, low key, no pressure way for Mara to be introduced to Santa. Turns out it worked pretty well. You can see she did still need to warm up to Santa a bit. We stayed in the room with him a good 10 mins. before I subjected her to “the lap”!

Santa   Mara
Yikes whose lap have they sat me on?

Mara   Santa 1
This guy doesn’t seem so bad…what a great color on him!

Santa   Mara 2
Did you say he’d bring me toys?

December 21, 2005

Christmas Is Coming

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Mara is getting in the Christmas spirit. This past week (I know, just this past week) we setup the tree and Mara is getting excited. She likes to play with the lights and such. We were sure to put most of the ornaments out of reach. Instead she tries to tug on the lights. Click through to see more pics of her with the tree.

Mara And Tree3

Say cheese!

Mara And Tree1

If… only…. I…. could…. reach….

December 8, 2005

Striker Attacks Mara

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Well, Striker really didn’t attack Mara so to speak. But this is what it may look like in the video. In reality he is just playing and he is very nice and gentle. Mara gets a real kick out of Striker every time he growls. We have never seen her laugh and cackle so long and consistently. This is probably one of the best videos so far. It is long, but worth it. Up until the end there is a moment where Mara is in the middle of a cry, and Striker manages to sooth with a timely GRRRRRRR. Funny, funny.

Striker And Mara Video

Striker And Mara Video

14.5 MB / Time 5:47

December 7, 2005

Bye Bye Old House

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Just before we left the old digs, Mara picked up a wave for the first time as mentioned in a previous post. We got some video of the act here. Take a look.

Mara Waves Video

Mara Waves Video

5.8 MB / Time 2:23

December 6, 2005

Mara Enjoys The New House

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There has been a little hiatus on the blog as we get moved and situated in the new house. We just got internet service back this past week, so it means we can get on here again. We have a few things cued up that we will try and get posted here shortly. We will be travelling to NY soon to see Dad’s side of the family so we will try and see what we can get on before then.

So far Mara has been enjoying her new surroundings. See what she has been up to below. Click through any of the pictures to see more.

New House2


New House4

Uhhhh, close the door please, I’m working here.

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