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March 19, 2007

Running Scared

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No, this is not the real movie Running Scared. But this is Mara’s version anyway. Mara really gets a kick out of being chased around our island in the kitchen. Next she will turn the tables and start to chase you back. This inevitably turns into an opportunity for her to scare you as she chases you around. Although we have tried to teach her the subtlety of surprise and how that works into the “scare” equation, she doesn’t quite get it yet. So she is resigned to simply trying to make a fierce face and roar at you as she gives chase. Its a funny little video. Even more interesting when the tables turn on her. Take a look.

Scary Video
Scary Video

6.2 MB / Time 2:37

Note – This is a repost of a previous entry that was seemingly lost by our website host.

March 17, 2007

Swim Fun

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As you well know from visiting the blog Mara is a huge fan of the water. If you say pool she’ll run to her chest of drawers and try to get her bathing suit. We headed to the pool just weekend before last with our little tadpole in tow and here are some of the photos of her splashing around. We also got a few shots right afterwards in the locker room getting cleaned up. She was worn out and ready for a nap. Usually on the way home from swimming we have a very hard time keeping her awake.
We are hoping that all this pool time will pay off with her somewhat able to swim/doggie paddle by our summer vacation. She already will kick, blow bubbles and put her face under with no problems. Usually she will do these things unsolicited too as if she’s showing off for us.
Click on the picture to see the all the photos!

IMG 0385

March 10, 2007

Our Little Frog

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Every once in a while, Mara will just start something new that we haven’t seen before. Sometimes it can be a conglomeration of stuff we are doing randomly that she picks up on. Other times it is something that she has picked up from day care from the other kids (or so we figure) since some things she does we hope are not being taught to her (not that they are THAT bad, but you know what we mean). In this particular case in the past week, Mara has proceeded to transform herself into a little frog. This is clearly something they are doing in day care and being taught. She really likes doing this impersonation. Every time she heard herself while I was making this video she would tell me she was going to go ribbit. Enjoy the clip.

Ribbit Video
Ribbit Video

2.4 MB / Time 1:02

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