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October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

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Look what we captured. A little butterfly.

So you have seen the costume already on another post, but we thought we would show Mara again on the holiday. She went out trick or treating tonight for a little while, because we just couldn’t keep her bundled up all for ourselves. We made it to a few houses, before Mara let us know it was her bedtime. Click through the picture to see the other shots.

Halloween2005 7

Happy in captivity

October 30, 2005

Emma’s First Year

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One year ago Emma was born on Halloween, so today we celebrated her birthday. Dad and her dad, Chris, work together. Mara had a fun time, although she has been bothered with a runny / stuffy nose this past week. We tried to keep isolation of toys and kids for the most part, but that is difficult. Mara was people watching again and had an all around great time.

Emma had a wonderful cake which you can see in some of the pictures. Its a pumpkin. Not sure if she ate very much of it though. Mara wasn’t scared of it by any means.

Click here to see the Emmas Bday 05 Album

Emma Bday8

Mara with the bday girl.

Emma Bday4

Pretty ladies.

Emma Bday12

Dad is great… lets us eat chocolate cake.

October 26, 2005

The 2 Min Workout

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So a few posts ago Mom mentioned that she had discovered Mara sitting up in her crib one morning. That was the last time it happened and no one saw her sit up so we didn’t know how it happened. But on Sunday she showed Dad a couple of times how she did it. By Monday, that was all she could do. You can really tell that she knows when she’s being encouraged and loves the attention now. Since she was doing it so much while I was playing with her I thought I could catch it on video to share. Mom says that this activity makes babies very tired, so it gives her a little workout. It doesn’t seem to stop her though.

Mara Sits Up Video
Mara Sits Up Video

5.3 MB / Time 2:11

October 25, 2005

Cute Butterfly!

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Some may have noticed if browsing the photos, there were some pics posted of Mara in this years Halloween costume. If you didn’t see them, you are missing out.

In addition to being a work picnic, the Zoo trip also coincided with “Boo at the Zoo,” an annual event they have. To be honest, we didn’t see much in terms of the activities they may have had specifically for the holiday. But, there were a few people that were dressed up. Mara showed up in her butterfly costume and got a picture or two, but then was taken out of it rather quickly. We anticipated a dreary, rainy day, and instead got a beautiful warm one. Suffice to say the costume is not made for summer-like weather.

Click here to see the NC Zoo Oct05 Album


I have antenna on my head!

October 24, 2005

Good ‘Ole Cracker Barrel Fun

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Last night for dinner we ate at the local Cracker Barrel. For us the night turned out to be just a hoot! During our 10-15 minute wait for the table we sit Mara down on the floor in front of the ferret thingy that chases a ball. They had it all caged up so it wouldn’t make its way around the whole store floor. Just around the corner I spotted a random chicken hanging out. So I picked it up and sit it in front of Mara and the hilarity began to ensue. This chicken does the chicken dance and if you pick it up by the neck it will act as if you are choking it. Mara wanted to bite its beak and grab it. We had a store crowd going on at the scene. I would not be exaggerating to say at least 10 people. Everyone kept saying she was so cute and funny! The store manager and even workers were gathering. It was great fun but that was only the start.

Mara and chicken1

Mara and chicken

Mara going to bite chicken

After we sit down I decided to see what Mara would do with the lemon in my tea. She really seemed to like it at first and then these pictures we taken! She must’ve enjoyed it though because she kept grabbing for it.

Mara with lemon
Mara with lemon2
I’m putting this thing down!!!
Mara with lemon1
What can I say I’m a gluton for punishment. Hehe Haha

After dinner a family came up to us and said they had enjoyed watching her the whole time during dinner. She was such a show! That’s our girl!

October 23, 2005

A Monkey Stole A Baby!

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OK, not really…

It’s a chimpanzee and he stole my baby! Monkey just sounded better. We went to the NC Zoo yesterday and had a little fun posing Mara with the chimpanzee sculptures. It was just fun. Dad’s work had a picnic at the zoo that came along with free entrance passes. Mara didn’t necessarily get a lot out of it. It was hard to get her to notice the animals when there were so many interesting homo sapiens around to observe. Literally we were at the giraffe, zebra, and ostrich exhibit, and she couldn’t stop eyeing another mom and smiling at her. Oh well. We are sure to go back more and see it again when she gets a little older. It is a great place to take kids.


Who’s the monkey now?

October 22, 2005

Cake at 10am… Sharp!

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So today was Davis Bryant’s birthday party at the Greensboro Children’s Museum this morning. This was our first stop on a full day and the party started at 9:30am. The first order of the party was to go around the museum and play for a little bit. Mara found some time in the younger children’s play area that had vinyl/foam blocks to play with. We set her loose in the PIT as we like to call it. She had some fun, especially with the mirror. That is until she got so excited that she banged her head on it (pic 7). Believe it or not, I also think this may be one of the rare sitings of Mom in a picture.

Ooops, forgot to get a picture with Davis, the bday boy. Next year!

Click here to see the Childrens Museum Oct05 Album

Childrens Museum Oct05 2Childrens Museum Oct05 4Childrens Museum Oct05 6

October 20, 2005

Daddy’s Girl

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So this is a quick post just to share this picture we took today. Mom put this outfit on Mara to show her support for Dad (it says “Daddy’s Little Princess”). Isn’t Mom sweet, and Mara too. We can’t get over how she is growing.

Daddys Girl

Isn’t she cute?

October 18, 2005

Little Surprises

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Today after Mara’s last afternoon nap I open the door to walk in her room and she’s sitting up in her bed peering at me. Now how’d she get in this position I wonder. She has never gone from a lying position to a sitting one ever before. Well I guess this will remain a mystery because when I laid her down right after I walk in she didn’t do it again! All the surprises you find with a little one.

In case you didn’t know we actually have a baby from a small tribe in Africa. She only wants to communicate with a series of clicks generated by tongue flicking in her mouth. I think this originated over the weekend but Mara’s is constantly clicking her tongue in her mouth. It’s very funny! When she picks up a new skill she likes to practice it like mad.

Here are a couple of pictures of Mara while shopping with us at Costco a couple of weekends ago. She now rides in the buggy like a big girl. Even has her own buggy seat cover with toys for entertainment. However this day you can see we ended up buying some more entertainment for her. Have you noticed there are a lot of pictures of her on the website with books. She loves them. Even if it is just for the pictures as in this case. This book is all about Disney princesses and such. I think she enjoys the vibrant colors. What can we say…she’s just a smart girl. Of course we’re bias!

Costco Mara 1

Costco Mara

October 13, 2005

The New Standing Toy

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OK. So we’re on a roll, because today you get another posting. You will be happy to know that I already have another idea for a video, but will have to shoot it yet. Maybe this coming weekend.

Anyways, this video is fun to watch. It is Mara playing with a new toy we got her a couple of weeks ago. I forget the name, but the purpose is for her to be able to pull herself up and practice standing at it. Mom and Dad cheat a little right now and put her up to it ourselves in a standing position, and she is pretty good at standing at it on her own for short periods of time. Really, she wouldn’t even do that when we first got it so she is making progress. I have to figure that this is way too early for her to take this to the next step of walking, but one never knows. Regardless, we hope it is a good start.

Maras Standing Table Video

Maras Standing Table Video

7.0 MB / Time 2:50

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