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January 30, 2006

Wheels On The Wagon Go Round And Round

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A couple of weeks ago Nana stopped in on the weekend to pay a visit to Mara. I don’t remember how it got started, but we decided to give Mara a ride in her little (not so little) red wagon that Grandma got her for Cristmas. She loves the wagon, and she loves Nana making a fuss over her too. There are other goodies in this one, like you get to see her say bye-bye. Things were going just fine until Dad inadvertently dropped the wagon handle on the little ones head. It sounds worse than it was, I promise. She was getting tired of the ride anyways…

Mara And The Wagon Video
Mara And The Wagon Video

10.7 MB / Time 4:20

January 23, 2006


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Mara is beginning to learn already that she will spend a lot of her life on the telephone. She is starting to mimic holding the phone up to her ear. Although she tends to always hold it backwards, who knows why. This is just a cute, short video.

Oh, and heed the caution for the soft pallete. Bet you never knew…

Mara On Phone Video
Mara On Phone Video

4.0 MB / Time 1:38

January 15, 2006

My Favorite Thing To Do In The Kitchen….Besides Eat That Is

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Mara adores opening her drawer at the bottom of our cabinets. It is purposefully the lowest drawer so at some point she can be helpful and get her “stuff” to help mommy out with mealtime. At first we had quite a few crying sessions since she didn’t understand the drawer would close on her little fingers. I think she understands this to some degree now because she hasn’t hurt her fingers in quite some time. At this point she’s really of no help. She just utterly enjoys pulling everything out of drawer and it occupies her for tens of minutes on end! This allows mom to get time to fix dinner with her close by so we just live with the mess it creates and hope at some point we can teach her to pick up after herself. Check out this cheesy grin which speaks volumes about how happy her little heart gets over this activity!



January 14, 2006

Attack The One With Goldfish!

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Shannon and Parker came for a visit last week. Tuesday afternoon to be exact. Anyway it was getting close to mealtime for the little ones as you can see here. I think this is a real cute shot of the “piranhas” attacking Shannon for Goldfish. Breakout the goldfish and the kids come a runnin’!

p.s. What a sweet smile, Parker! You actually let one out instead of that concealled grin you give sometimes!


January 9, 2006

Queen Of The Cart

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This is just too funny not to mention. Mara loves coming shopping with us. Here we are at Costco. She enjoys the view. Here you will see her majesty reigning in all her glory. Riding in the cart any other way is just soooo pedestrian!




January 4, 2006

No Mas!

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So, was Christmas tiring? It sure was to Mara. This is the picture that I took of her for her afternoon nap on Christmas day. We tired her out! She didn’t move one bit when I went in to take her picture. She had so much fun that day, she never made it out of her PJs!


She’s out!

January 3, 2006

Looking Back At Xmas 05

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These are some random pictures from Christmas day that we took in addition to the video we already posted. We also have some pictures mixed in from Christmas Eve as well when Jen and Conan joined us for dinner. Mara enjoyed both days quite a lot.Xmas Eve 05 6

My favorite Auntie!

Xmas 05 7

Nana got me lots of books!

January 2, 2006

NY Xmas 05

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We got a chance to download some pictures off of our digital camera so we should have some posts of them for the next couple of days. This series is from our trip up to NY for an early Christmas. You will see the first meeting of Mara and her Uncle Bob. Also we have Abigail and Mara together for the first time. There are some nice shots here. Click on either of the pictures to go to the album.

NY Xmas 05 15

Ooooo… I love your hair.

NY Xmas 05 11

At least one of us is happy.

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