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April 13, 2009

Easter In The Park

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Yesterday we celebrated Easter with the kids and got some time to spend with the grandparents. The weekend was busy with Campbell’s birthday the day before, so the events were a little crammed together and not well planned. Luckily the Easter Bunny showed up on time to eat some carrots and lay some eggs.

Easter09 01

The kids had fun finding their bags, and not baskets this year. And that provided more candy then they know what to do with. Now meals start with wanting M&Ms or jelly beans. That is a tough battle to fight.

Easter09 05

After breakfast we dressed the kids up a little and took them to The Bicentennial Garden to see what we could see. Of course there were flowers planted all about. And halfway around the park we took a stop to blow some bubbles. Mommy snapped some pictures and below are some results. Also pick any of the pictures to click through to the rest of the album.

Easter09 07

Easter09 16

Easter09 21

Easter09 26

Easter09 27

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