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August 25, 2008

“Look Mom, I made a scary face”

Filed under: General — Steph @ 8:11 pm

That is literally what she said when I saw her with all the green marker on her face this morning before I walked out the door for work.
Obviously I had to let her know markers don’t belong on her face however it was so funny I couldn’t help but laugh so I tried to turn my head at least!
Maybe you’ll get a big giggle of out of her like I did this morning!

IMG 2865
IMG 2867
IMG 2868

August 4, 2008

Looking More Her Lineage

Filed under: Pictures — Luke @ 10:47 pm

We have always wondered where exactly did Mara get her curly hair from? Mom doesn’t have curly hair, maybe its just a little bit wavy. Dad certainly doesn’t have curly hair. There isn’t a lot of history of curly hair in the family.

So, today when Lisa took some time to work Mara’s curls out of her hair, we saw for the first time what Mara would look like with her hair more like her parents. Dad came home to a surprise. Asking Mara, where did her curl’s go, she stood up and said, “no, my curls aren’t gone, my hair is just straight.” I couldn’t convince her that if her hair was straight, her curls must have gone somewhere. So I never got an answer from her where they went.

StraightHair 03

I like my straight hair!

StraightHair 06

Look at how long it is!

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