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February 17, 2008

Happy Third Birthday!

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Mara’s real birthday has yet to come, but yesterday we celebrated with a little party at the house. It was a Prince and Princess party for our little one. The kids had quite a bit of fun making crowns and tiaras at a craft station that mom put together. We also played pin the crown on the princess too. There were some other games that we had planned, but really the kids just wanted to play with toys and it would have been like herding cats to get them to do much else. As it was, we passed two hours along in no time. This party was pretty special because there were quite a few children that came that Mara has not seen in a long time. Since leaving Primrose for daycare, she hasn’t seen her former classmates and they were nice enough to come see her. Thanks!

We took quite a few pictures and tried to catch one of all the kids that came. Sorry if we missed you! It was chaos.

Birthday08 02

Birthday princess surveys her kingdom.

Birthday08 40

Presents are better with buddies.

Cousin Grace is turning one and her birthday is really close to Mara’s, only two days before. So she was in town to celebrate as well with the family, and she got a cake of her own.

We also got some video of her. Here is the smaller of the two files. Auntie Jen, we will have to send you a link to get the other one and download it.

Grace Is One Video
Grace Is One Video

11.0 MB / Time 0:06

All partygoers got to leave with a CD of songs that we played at the party. If you didn’t get one let us know.

Birthday08 48

Mara’s first album cover.

July 19, 2007

Tons Of Elefun

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This past weekend we had the Sowell’s over for a little cookout and dinner. Nothing fancy, but just a good opportunity to get the kids together for a little playtime. Mara and Parker had fun running around inside the house, then when we were cooking they took full advantage of the sand table outside.

After dinner we went upstairs and the kids got busy in Mara’s closet. Somehow a game of Elefun broke out. If you don’t know what it is, its where butterflies come shooting out of an elephant’s trunk. The object is to catch the butterflies in a net, but it is pretty hard even for an adult. Mara has always been haunted by this toy, for reasons unknown. The very mention of playing with it brought a frown to her face. Not this time. After the initial fear she was all game. See the kids have fun.

Elefun Video
Elefun Video

11.8 MB / Time 2:26

June 26, 2007

Pool Is Back On

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For those that don’t know, for a while this winter it looked like our neighborhood pool was going to be lost to us. The company running the development was going to reclaim it and turn it into some housing lots or townhomes since it didn’t recruit enough members. A long story later, and we were able to get them to turn the club over to the neighborhood and the pool is open again for the summer!

This past weekend we had some friends visit from VA. Amy, Danny, and their children Brittany and Preston were in town so we went to the pool on Saturday. We had a lot of fun.

PoolJun07 06

Brittany and Preston Loungin’

Mara has been getting better and better in the water. This year she is starting to kick and move her arms. On our way to the pool before we even get there she is talking about swimming and moving her arms. On Saturday we put her in the water with the flotation vest, but this time she asked to have one of the noodles. The only problem with the flotation vest is that she is not balanced from front to back or side to side, and she doesn’t understand how to control that at all. But, with the noodle in front of her it provides the balance side to side and something for her to lean on. We got pictures of her swimming without anyone holding her. It was tough to get her to commit to leaning forward though.

PoolJun07 02

Mara With No One Holding On

There’s not much for Campbell to do yet at the pool. In fact the last time we went he was pretty cranky and cried the whole time. That was tough for the little man, but also tough on Mom as she had to sit with him the whole time. This time, Campbell was more calm, and Mom got to get in the pool.

PoolJun07 07

Little Man C

PoolJun07 08

Mom and Mara

Click through any of the pictures to see some more shots.

February 22, 2007

Primrose Party

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All day long we’ve been wishing Mara a happy birthday and telling her she’s two years old. She has gotten pretty good at answering the question, “How old are you?” She says, “two” in her tiny voice with her all of her fingers up in the air and the pointer and middle stuck together like that indicates two. Today at her daycare you can see she had a celebration with her “buddies” in the class as we call them. She even got to help make her very own birthday hat for the party. You can tell by the plates of goodies that party really just means time to get a sugar high. Interestingly enough she is not at all into the sweets. She didn’t even eat a bite of her tiny cupcakes. Instead she opted for the hard sprinkle decorations they put on top of the frosting of the cupcake.

IMG 0368

Next week Mara moves up a class into Early Preschool 1. Her teachers pictured here with her, Mrs. Rogers and Ms. Fenner will certainly be missed. They have been so good to us! They are wonderful teachers who have not only taught her a lot but also loved on her. Which, to our little love bug who is always asking for a hug or a kiss means so much! We are sad for her to leave the class where she is affectionately called “Mar Mar” by all. If you ask Mara whose baby are you when at daycare she’ll say “Fenner baby”. She has developed quite a bond with these two teachers so it’s a positive thing that her next class is just beside her old one so she can peek in and see them every once in a while.

IMG 0371

IMG 0370

Tonight to celebrate Mara’s birthday we decided to take her out for her favorite food and the only one she has proactively asked for out of the blue which is….PIZZA!!!
We chose Elizabeth’s Pizza. How ironic given the fact that, Mario, the owner dropped by our table and we told him it was Mara’s birthday to which he replied, “mine too”. He was so kind and sent over a chocolate dessert with a candle for her. She had no problems blowing out the candle! She now knows the words to the birthday song and sang them to herself while we were there too. All in all I think she has had a great 2nd birthday. We’ve celebrated it so much it might be hard for her to stop!

Click on any of the pictures to see more!

January 21, 2007

Brother From Another Mother

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Last weekend we took a little trip down to Charlotte to visit some friends that we hadn’t seen in a little while. Little while isn’t an exaggeration either. The last time we had seen the King family there were only two and both Nadine and Steph were pregnant. A few months later, Lucas was born on February 19th and Mara was born on February 22nd.

KingJan07 6
KingJan07 13

So here they are, almost two years old before they get to meet each other. It was fun to watch them play together. They were a little timid at first, but soon they got used to it and were yelling “mine” at each other… just the way it should be. Most of the pictures we have are Luke and Mara in the toy room on Sunday morning. They had a blast.

KingJan07 5

Later Mara had the joy of spending some time with George and showering him with kisses. I’m not so sure she was ready for what was in store, as George can lay the slobber on pretty thick. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pics of Megan, but Mara really enjoyed seeing both doggies.

We hope that Luke, Darrin and Nadine will come for a visit to our neck of the woods soon. See more pictures by clicking through any of the ones shown.

December 18, 2006

Parker’s 2nd Birthday Party

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December 7th Mara’s play pal Parker, turned 2. To mark this special occasion his parents (our close friends) Bob & Shannon had a really fun birthday party (Dec 10th) where all the parents helped the kids decorate gingerbread houses. Mara loves to be creative and very much enjoyed the decorating. As a side note she asks us routinely if she can color. Around half way through the decorating Mara finally caught on to the idea that she could actually consume the candy and the icing I was using to help her decorate the gingerbread house. The house turned out adorable and she screeches with delight at seeing it in our kitchen each day. Thanks for a wonderful time Parker!!!

P.S. A Santa of a more familiar type made an appearance at this party. Mara was still frightened at first but when I said he had a treat she abandoned all fears for the candy cane he was handing out.

The pictures turned out nice, so check them out and don’t forget to click on them to go through the whole lot.

IMG 0102

Mara giving the birthday boy a smooch

IMG 0094 1

Look what I made!!!

November 1, 2006

Halloween Parade, 2006

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As Mom indicated, here is video of the parade from yesterday. You will also see one of Mara’s daycare mates, Zach. Zach is a frequent visitor to the blog pages.

Oh, and if you don’t remember, here is Mara’s costume from last year.

Halloween06 Video
Halloween06 Video

12.2 MB / Time 4:53

October 23, 2006

Splish Splash Parker & Mara Taking A Bath

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Parker & Mara got together about a week ago and had a blast! They played outside with Parker’s electric jeep and tricycle with the handle. We came indoors and played with washable markers and made a big mess. What fun they had together. At one point they were on the floor acting silly together. Anyway after all the playing with markers and eating they needed a bath. This was too cute not to post. Their expressions are so silly.

100 1987

Click on this picture to see the other four fun pictures!

September 4, 2006

Introducing P Mantis

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OK, Mara was jealous of Parker’s bug. So the family took a trip over to the natural science museum and roamed around on Saturday. At the end we went in the museum store and picked up a new friend for Mara named P Mantis. He’s a sociable fellow. One of his favorite activities is to play catch with a ball, and he was trying to teach Mara the game on Sunday morning. She is a rookie, but she is picking it up quick. She sure has fun.

Watch the video.

Mara And P Mantis Video
Mara And P Mantis Video

6.9 MB / Time 2:48

September 1, 2006

Mara’s First Library Date

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Mara had her first trip to the library and it was with none other than her “little boy friend” Parker. Shannon & Bob’s sweet little boy who is now ~21 mos. old. You can see among these pictures they are having a great time. Atleast until Shannon & I get involved and make them hold hands, hug, and kiss each other. They were good sports.

Parker could not get enough of the door you see him coming out of at the library. It was a little playhouse area set up for the kids in the library. Very cute. However Shannon & I did get called down by the librarian because our kids were being too loud. Oh well, we were in the kids section. Who really wants to call down your little ones when they are apparently having such a great time and being very fun! You’ll see we worked in some quiet time with books. They picked out what they wanted to read.

Mara must get her own Preying Mantis toy from the science museum like Parker’s. She carried the thing everywhere once she got her little hands on it. Kind of creepy, if you just noticed it randomly you would’ve thought it was real!

We might visit there this weekend and see what’s going on so stay tuned for some pictures from the science museum too possibly .


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