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December 30, 2008

New Photog

Filed under: Pictures — Luke @ 8:56 pm

One of the items that Mara got for Christmas was a digital camera. It is probably one of the favorites of what she got. When she got home from NY, and we got that out of the package, she wasn’t able to put it down. She has watched Mommy take so many pictures she just wanted to do it on her own too.

She proceeded to take pictures of just about anything. She posed her stuffed animals for shots too. Here are some of her favorites.


Her new buddy Ansel.


Zeebee strikin’ a pose.


She was really happy with her Christmas tree shot.


First portrait.

Yeah, the quality isn’t very good at all. We knew that from the reviews we had read. But at this point, quality isn’t the fun. Taking the pictures and seeing them on the LCD on the back and then putting them on the computer is all the fun she needs.

I wish that I could say that you can click on these to see all the pictures she took, but you can’t. Sorry. The plugin we use to load photos and do the gallery on the website is a little broken right now and I need to come up with a new solution.

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