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July 19, 2010

She Keeps On Rollin’

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As we already wrote about just a few days ago, Mara has been making some new accomplishments lately. This weekend was no exception. On Sunday we got Mara’s bike out and were doing some practicing. First, we did some balancing and we tried to do that by mimicking a Strider which is a bike with no pedals. I lowered the seat on Mara’s real bike and took the pedals off. I wasn’t getting much support for that method, however, so no one was trying to use the bike in that fashion with Mara. So Sunday was the first time.

Then, as Mara was able to glide a little with her feet off the ground, it seemed that her biggest problem was speed. We went to putting the seat back up to height, and putting the pedals back on. Within a couple of trial runs, Mara was pedaling herself without me holding her. Actually the first run that I let go Mara had no idea I wasn’t holding on.

Then, it was camera time to capture some of this on video. Check it out.

Bike1 Video
Bike1 Video

34.5 MB / Time 1:44

That video is Divx and the best resolution (except for the horizontal line artifacts), but if you have trouble with viewing it, you can try another of these versions.

Bike1 WMV version Video
22.6 MB

Bike1 MOV version Video
48.4 MB

July 13, 2010

A Weekend of Firsts

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This past weekend the family got the chance to visit with some friends a little south of here at Badin Lake. We had a great time down there given the hospitality of our hosts. They were very nice to us.

Last year we got to visit Smith Mountain Lake for a weekend. We are not sure how this might turn out, but if we are lucky maybe visits to friends on lakes can be a little bit of an annual summer event for us. We can wish, can’t we?

This trip was very eventful for Mara. She had the opportunity to experience a lot of firsts for herself. We got to the lake on Saturday, and almost immediately got into the water. After some playing around the dock, we took a break for lunch. Then it was off on the boat to see the lake and make a pit stop in a quiet cove for some more swimming. There, Mara had her first chance to jump off the top of the pontoon boat and into the water. It had to be about 8 feet from the water. She did it with no fear.

BadinLake1007 24BadinLake1007 26BadinLake1007 29

When we got back to the dock it was still a little early, so we took some time to play again. Someone broke out the knee board, and it was time for Mara to show her stuff again. First time trying to get on the board she did it! No problems. It was pretty impressive. Now, the one thing was that she didn’t exactly sit up and lean back on the first run. But after a break and getting a chance to talk to her, she got it right on the second try.

BadinLake1007 44

Look at me! This isn’t hard.

We really exhausted the kids on the first day. We thought it could be some trouble having them stay together in the same bed so we put Campbell in bed first to fall asleep, and then Mara. I don’t think in the end it was any trouble at all.

BadinLake1007 53

We wore them out!

The next day we got a little bit of a slow start. But, that is what a relaxing weekend is all about. After breakfast the kids started doing some artwork.

BadinLake1007 58

Artist in training.

Then it was down to the lake again. The first event was some fishing, and again, Mara’s first time for that (sorry Grandpa). Mr. Kevin told us the special spot to cast from, and as soon as Mara put it in the water she caught her first fish! She ended up catching two on the day.

BadinLake1007 71

First fish ever!

BadinLake1007 81

Second fish!

The rest of the day before leaving in the afternoon was more knee-boarding, swimming, and jumping off the pontoon. What fun!

BadinLake1007 90

There are lots of pictures in the gallery, so click on any of the pictures and then click on the album link or just go here.

July 9, 2010

Until Next Time Lisa

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Today is a sad day in the Evans’ household. Lisa will no longer be visiting us. In honor of her last day we asked the kids a few questions and we are posting them to Mara and Campbell’s blog. Here are Mara’s answers.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with Lisa?
A: Play with her.

Q: If you could go anywhere with Lisa, where would it be?
A: Chuck E. Cheese.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Lisa?
A: When she gives me love.

Q: How much do you love Lisa?
A: To the rainbow and back.

Q: If you were to give Lisa something from your room, what would it be?
A: I would give her the unicorn My Little Pony. I don’t know her name.

Q: What do you think about Lisa and Mark getting married?
A: I feel happy that they’re getting married. And they will kiss at the wedding. That’s funny, isn’t it?

Q: What is the funniest thing you remember about Lisa?

3.9 MB / Time 0:09

Q: How does it make you feel that Lisa won’t be your nanny anymore?
A: Makes me feel sad.

Q: If you could give Lisa a present on her last day, what would it be?
A: I would give her the things needed to do a video call so we could do video calls with her.

Q: What do you want to tell Lisa today?
A: I will miss you.

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