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July 30, 2006

Childrens Museum, And Not The Last Time

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We made another visit to the childrens museum downtown a couple of weekends ago. If you remember, we’ve been there before. This time we went just to go in for a visit. We thought that Mara would have some fun. In fact she did. We made it to a lot more of the museum since Mara is older now and she was able to interact with quite a few more things. This will likely be the outcome as she gets older so I’m sure this isn’t the last time we will go. Take a look at her having fun by clicking the picture and going through the photos.

Childrens Museum Jul06 27

July 27, 2006

Summertime is Picnic Time

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Don’t know if it is this way in your neck of the woods, but down here in North Carolina it has been HOT almost all summer long. A few times so far we have been lucky to experience a break in the heat. We got one of those breaks a few weeks ago, the weekend after the 4th of July. Since it cooled off a little on that Saturday the family decided it would be a nice day for a picnic. So we packed up the car with a couple of items, then took the lazy way out for food and went to KFC to pick up a meal.

As usual Mara liked the bread portion of the meal best, eating as much biscuit as she could. Mom and Dad had to resort to hiding chicken in it to get her to eat any meat. This was also the first day that she had corn on the cob. She took a couple of bites right off the cob herself. Overall she enjoyed the moment being outside on the grass and playing with her bracelets (Linkadoos). Click through either of the pictures to view more.

Picnic0607 1

Picnic0607 7

July 17, 2006

New Red Robin Visit

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A week or so ago we went to try out the new Red Robin restaurant that opened up near us. I hadn’t been to one in about ten years since I lived in Charlotte. We’re pretty happy to have more restaurant choices close by opening all the time.

Mara was looking pretty sassy that day, and since it was hot and sunny she had her sunglasses on. Lately too, she has become extremely outgoing and now waves and smiles at strangers as they pass by. It used to be that we had to prompt her to say hello. Not anymore!

So we thought we would take a few pictures of her because she was acting like a movie star. You see her here showing off her balloon. Balloons are one of her favorite things! Click the picture to see more shots.

July 16, 2006

Comments Are Open

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We thought we would take a moment to thank those of you that have commented on the blog. Its always nice to know that people are watching our little lady grow up. If you haven’t had a chance to notice, along with every posting that we do there is a chance to put on your own comment if you like as long as you have registered on the site. At the bottom of every post is a comment link and it shows you how many comments have been left on the post.

Comment Link

If you click on the link you will go to a page that is more specific and has a detailed version of the single post that lists the comments at the bottom. As long as you are registered and logged in, a box will also appear that is where you can type in and submit your own comment as well.

Detailed Post Showing Comments

In order to register or login to the site, you can use the links that are in the right sidebar at the bottom.

Register and Login Links On Sidebar

Registering is easy, and once you login I think you actually will remain logged in by a cookie as long as you don’t delete or reset the cookie. So when you return to the site you likely won’t have to login every time.

When you visit the site, you can see what people are commenting on by looking on the right sidebar as well. If you have left a comment, this is where you can check to see if we have left you a response yet. You can click right in the sidebar to go see the comment.

Recent Comments Listed On The Sidebar

So its that easy. I have noticed that a few of you have been replying to the emails we send out for the notification of the posting. Commenting is another way to respond to us and letting everyone see what you think. If you ever have any trouble, please email us and we will help you out. Note that if you comment for the first time, it gets put in a cue for approval. After the first, other comments you leave won’t be delayed. So don’t worry if you don’t see your first comment on the site right away. Lets continue conversing on the site!

July 13, 2006

First Time Playing Dress-Up

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One Saturday afternoon while cleaning up our garage we found all kinds of fun stuff we use to have in the attic at our other home. I think most of it was leftover from New Years parties and Abbott national meetings. The stuff we found was perfect for Mara’s first time playing dress-up. As you can see here she makes a wonderful attempt at OVER accessorizing which is every little ones goal when playing dress-up. Yes, she IS wearing boxing gloves. It is a very unconventional session of dress-up. The pictures are very amusing.

DSCF1671 1

July 11, 2006

Being Silly

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Mara is quite the clown these days. Somewhere recently, maybe daycare, she has picked up the term “okie-dokie”. Now she walks around saying it.

Just two weekends ago when Luke & I had Mara on our bed tickling her (with mouth wide-open laughing) we noticed she is getting three incisors!

Here are a couple silly pictures we wanted to share with you.



July 9, 2006

Our Little Girl of Leisure (Part 2)

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Our neighborhood pool had a party recently. Mara was enjoying herself as you can see. People, seeing her float around at the pool, often ask will she just sit like that and cruise around in her float and for the most part the answer is, yes. She will now keep her sunglasses on her face too. The whole time while we vacated in the Dominican she kept removing them. Now it’s just the opposite. If they are off she’s not happy. And she can actually put them on all by herself and gets them on right most of the time.


July 7, 2006

Our Little Girl of Leisure

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Mara has had a very fun and leisurely start of the summer so far. We are just starting to work on getting some furniture in the backyard. She always asks to be put in the hammock. She likes rocking with Mommy or Daddy! This one where she looks like she’s sleeping but smiling cracks me up. Mara is always good for a laugh these days. She’s very funny.


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