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December 31, 2010

New Year, New Furniture

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We made a trip to Ikea this week because Mara was in dire need of some new furniture. Her dresser has had a broken drawer for the last couple of months. That was the primary reason for the trip.

But then Mara had another problem as well. She was acquiring so many books in her room that she no longer had a place to put them. The piece that we were using as a nightstand for her was overflowing with books on the one bottom shelf. It was basically a leaning Tower of Pisa. You couldn’t put a book on it or take a book out of the pile without the whole thing toppling down.

So, we got her some bookshelves to house her growing hobby. She absolutely loves to read.

Books1012 01

Really when you look at this picture of her new shelf and her books, it is amazing to think that in the short time that she has been reading she has basically read every one of these books. Some many times over. She started reading just less than two years ago.

Books1012 02

She just loves books!

Books1012 04

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