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November 19, 2005

Mara Is Moving

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Sorry that there has not been a post in a while. But, Mara is moving so she is very busy. There is lots of packing of boxes, moving of boxes, and unpacking of boxes for her to do. She is too tired as of late.

Still, there are many things that shehas found time to do. She has about three teeth on the top side that have poked through. That has caused some high temperatures and crankiness at times. She is really on the verge of crawling. You have seen that in a couple recent posts. It seems like every day she moves a little more. She has also begun to try and pull up on just about anything she gets close to. And today for some spontaneous reason she decided it was the right time to reward Mom and Dad for all their constant hand waving to show that she can wave back. It was a suprise and a quantum leap from what she has done up to this point with a wave.

In short, she has been doing a lot to prepare for the new house. Unfortunately that means less time to post to the blog. We hope to get back to it soon.

Take care!


November 12, 2005

On Her Way

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Earlier this week Mom posted about Mara’s progress towards crawling. Now we get to bring you some video of what she has been up to. This was taken on Thursday. OK, so maybe it looks like I’m a little over the top with getting her to practice. I don’t know, do all parents do stuff like this? In reality it just seems that when I slap that pill bottle down on the bed it gets her attention. But when I watch the video myself it does look a little intense. Anyways, she is starting to get the motion, although you will still see her collapse to belly and not make it too far here. Progress is there though.

And yes, I did say pill bottle. One day I was looking for something manageable but safe for Mara to play with. In retrospect, “safe” becomes a matter of opinion. I do wonder if playing with this pill bottle (simply vitamin E capsules, by the way) will somehow give her an affinity towards them such that down the road she will pick up the wrong pill bottle and get in trouble with it. Oh well, I have heard that other people have given their youngins pill bottles as well so I don’t feel it can be too bad.

On to the show!

Practice Crawling Video
Practice Crawling Video
5.3 MB / Time 2:11

November 9, 2005

Belly Dancer

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So many people liked Mara’s initial dance video, it seems like we needed a follow up. This is a little modification to a typical dance. Mara has become the regular mover and shaker while in a sitting position. Bouncing and rocking as can be seen in the last post. However, this past weekend she transferred this motion to the changing table which I found more than funny. I think I found it so funny because what she is trying to do she usually does in a sitting position. But since she is lying down all that actually moves is her belly. I don’t know, maybe I find it funnier than most will, but it cracks me up. Watch her little tummy scrunch and expand in this movie. She also has a patented noise that she makes, much like a laughing “huh” as in Beavis and Butthead’s “huh-huh.” You will also hear Dad make a vain attempt at the sound to provoke her to do her dance.

Belly Dance Video
Belly Dance Video
2.3 MB / Time 0:59

November 7, 2005

Rock Around The Clock

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I hear that it is typical for babies to rock back and forth while in a sitting position once they learn to situp. I guess that it is a common step that babies do towards their progress of crawling. Well, Mara has taken it one step further. We have an ottoman in her room that we tend to sit her on sometimes to play with her books after we finish reading them to her. It’s just a nice space to place her with them while we sit in the rocking chair watching her. She has learned that she can get a pretty nice rhythm going if she rocks on it since the ottoman also has its own spring and rocking mechanism to it. In this video you will see Dad be a little risky and let her go for a minute to get some tape of the feat. In the middle you will see a transition because I think its a little better if she sits in the middle of the ottoman (and not fall forward on her head). Actually, I have seen her rock a little harder than this, but this was about as much as I could get her to do without having my hands free.

Mara Rocks vid
Mara Rocks Video

3.2 MB / Time 1:21

November 6, 2005

In Motion Mara….Almost!

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Mara loves playing on mom and dad’s bed. I think it’s because she is really trying to crawl and if she falls on her face it is very soft. She just loves it when we roll her over again and again. It makes her happy for some reason.

So far she sits up very well from the lying position, can scoot on the hardwoods using her bottom and her feet while in the sitting position, and will reach way over to grab anything she wants but still no full fledged crawling yet. The closest she comes to it is getting up on all fours like a crawl but only rocking when she gets in that position.

We did have to put her crib down to the lowest level a couple of weekends ago for fear that she would pull up and pop over the top one day because she’s excellent at standing and supporting her own weight when she wants to.

Mara on mom and dad's bed

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