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April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

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On Saturday the family went out to get in the middle of an Easter egg hunt. One of the local radio stations puts on an event at the farmer’s market and we went to check it out. It was bigger than we expected. They had some booths for promotions, some vendors of the typical carnival type atmosphere, and other activities for the kids to do. We got there a little early, and we are glad that we did. It got pretty crowded. When we watched the crew put out the Easter eggs on the vast grassy area, I thought it would be plenty and the kids would have a ton of fun picking them up. Campbell’s turn was first, and all that he came away with was three eggs! The mob was like a piece of farm equipment, sweeping up everything in it’s path and leaving nothing behind. For his age group they let the parents go out as well and it was good that they did since it was chaos. But, I think some parents were picking up the eggs to help, but that didn’t help the kids that tried to do it on their own.

Better luck for Mara then, since there were no parents. Well, it didn’t turn out that way, as Mara also came back with only three eggs too. By the looks of it she was off to a better start than Campbell, but it turns out it was misleading. She also had trouble, as some parents still went out there. Also, they let kids from the younger age go out if they missed their regular start time, so that just meant more kids. It was busy.

After the egg rounds it was time to go and get some lunch. It was a hunger generating activity!

Easter10 03

What would the holiday be without the bunny?

Easter10 07

Easter nutrition at its best.

Easter10 31

After the egg score!

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