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December 31, 2006

More Mara with Christmas Goodies

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Thought we’d just end this months blogging with a few pictures of Mara using her Christmas goodies. Mara loves her aquadoodle. The best part about it is that pen you see her using is just filled with water so it really causes no mess. Parents must be inventing the toys these days, got to love it! She’s very big on any sort of coloring, doodling or fingerpainting, well anything creative actually. She also has this new thing where if you ask her to show you her teeth we get this big cheesy grin. We just love it! Check her out!

IMG 0195

IMG 0194

She doesn’t know how to pedal yet but she’s working on it. Thanks Grandma Evans for the tricycle. She can even say the word tricycle quit well.

IMG 0197

Xmas 06 3

December 30, 2006

Nana Christmas 2006

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Since we were headed up to NY for the actual date of Christmas, Nana Santa came a little earlier than Santa this year. This was Mara’s first go at opening all her presents. No longer was the wrapping paper the main attraction. She actually didn’t pause very much between opening gifts either. As you can see though she is admiring several of them including the bracelet Nana gave her. She’s actually obsessed with it. She wants it on then off then on again, etc. you get the picture.

IMG 0158

Later that afternoon, Santa was at our neighborhood club house so we took her in the wagon for a visit. We thought maybe since this was the third time she has seen him this year a little lap time with toy discussion would take place. You’ll see by the pictures no such thing happened. She was again very cautious about Santa and slightly frightened. When Nana and I mentioned he had treats for her she came out of her shell and approached him immediately so as not to be left out for her treat. She did cooperate enough to allow us to take a few pictures of her while standing in front of Santa. Next year I’ll bet she sit in his lap!

IMG 0141

IMG 0153

IMG 0151

IMG 0149

She also ended up eating a couple of treats they had just sitting around at the clubhouse like a Capri sun and cookies. Can you tell how much she loves them here?
IMG 0160

Click on any of these photos to see the entire album of pictures!!!

December 29, 2006

Christmas 2006

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This year was our year in NY to spend Christmas. We took a 12 hour car ride since we couldn’t find a reasonable plane ticket. With the weather that hit some of the country slowing down air travel, it seems like the strategy worked in our favor. But nothing would foretell how Mara might handle 12 hours in the car. The good ending to the story is that she handled it extremely well. We did each way in two segments of about six hours each. This is the best Mara has been in a car ride ever. In general though it seems like Mara has turned some kind of corner in how she acts in general. Less tantrums, more understanding and better talking and communication. She has been so much fun.

Back to Christmas. We spent some of Christmas Eve at Mara’s Great Uncle Bruce and Great Aunt Susan. There she got to see her second cousins Abigail and Jack. She received an early present from them of a Cinderella magnet set that has Cinderella and different clothes to dress her in.

NY XmasEve 06 4

Abigail and Mara Working With Blocks

The next day Mara was given gifts from Grandma and Grandpa in the morning. Mara was so excited that she asked for each individual gift to be unwrapped, open and played with before the next gift could even be looked at. Needless to say we needed to keep the gifts moving along after unwrapping or else we never would have gotten through them all.

NY Xmas 06 9

Mara Surveying Her Gifts

Later that same day the family got together again for some dinner. Click through any of the pictures to see the whole set.

December 18, 2006

Parker’s 2nd Birthday Party

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December 7th Mara’s play pal Parker, turned 2. To mark this special occasion his parents (our close friends) Bob & Shannon had a really fun birthday party (Dec 10th) where all the parents helped the kids decorate gingerbread houses. Mara loves to be creative and very much enjoyed the decorating. As a side note she asks us routinely if she can color. Around half way through the decorating Mara finally caught on to the idea that she could actually consume the candy and the icing I was using to help her decorate the gingerbread house. The house turned out adorable and she screeches with delight at seeing it in our kitchen each day. Thanks for a wonderful time Parker!!!

P.S. A Santa of a more familiar type made an appearance at this party. Mara was still frightened at first but when I said he had a treat she abandoned all fears for the candy cane he was handing out.

The pictures turned out nice, so check them out and don’t forget to click on them to go through the whole lot.

IMG 0102

Mara giving the birthday boy a smooch

IMG 0094 1

Look what I made!!!

December 14, 2006

Going Outside

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C’mon Dad, do we really need to go outside now? Can’t you see I have my hands in my pockets?

IMG 0055

Mara enjoys her outdoor time, even though it might not look like it in this picture. She has this new discovery where she has found she can put her hands in her pockets. Although these are not the most convenient of pants with which to use the pockets, she insists. Her hands as small as they are barely fit inside.

December 12, 2006

The Gadget Generation

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So gadgets will be intertwined with this generation of kids. What better time to start Mara off with a gadget than now at 21 months? We chose to start with an ipod. Mom says that she really likes it. I don’t know, I don’t hear anything.

There are two more pics of her when you click through.


We Be Jammin’

December 10, 2006

First Santa Visit of Christmas 2006 Season

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We went to Friendly Center Saturday, December 9th to test out how Mara would do around Santa this year. As you can tell from the pictures, not so good. It doesn’t help that she’s been under the weather for the last week and the nap before this visit wasn’t a good one.
They have a nice Christmas scene before you even walk in to see Santa which is where the some of the shots were taken. We took some before and after her visit with Santa.
Santa helped out by offering her his stuffed reindeer Rudolph to hold and when that didn’t work he broke out the jingle stick which amazed her for about one second before the crocodile tears started to pour again.
She will encounter Santa again Sunday at Parker’s 2nd birthday party but this one is a bit more familiar to her. We’ll keep ya posted on how it goes.
p.s. that thing around her neck is her “rabbit stole”, a cute and funny scarf to keep her warm this winter.
Remember to click on the picture to see the complete album of pictures.

IMG 0067

December 9, 2006

The Pool Is Cool

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The weather outside is getting cold, not to mention that it is just past September regardless and that means the outdoor pool is closed in the neighborhood. But that hasn’t stopped Mara from getting her swim on. A few weeks ago we began to venture back to the YMCA for some pool time and Mara was like a fish to water. Actually towards the end of the summer she was getting a little less fearless at our outdoor pool, choosing to cling a little more to Mom or Dad rather than walk around in the baby pool herself or hesitant to jump into our arms in the big pool. The break from the summer seems to have helped as she is a little more adventurous again. And you can tell she enjoys it. The day after the first time we went back to the pool, Mara pulled out her suit from the clothes basket and was trying to put it on! When I finally had to take it away she got a little upset. She really loves the water. The other aspect now is that since her communication is better, she is a much better observer of what other kids do. So you can tell her to mimic another child kicking or similar and she will oblige. It is making it easier to teach her skills. Pretty soon she will be a fish! Click through for a couple more pics.


Jumping In

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