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May 15, 2010

Spring Hoppers Game

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This past Wednesday we got the chance to go to a Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball game. It was courtesy of RF Micro Devices as they did a company outing for a free game. We got there early in order to use the opportunity to get some dinner. The kids just love hot dogs at the ballpark.

Hoppers1005 05

It was a good time. The Hoppers didn’t do so well in the first couple of innings and we didn’t stick around for the full game to see the outcome. Most of the time the kids just wanted to hang out on the playground and play. They didn’t watch the game very much. This was really the first time that Campbell was old enough when we went to a game to get around on the equipment. Mara was all over everything and much more familiar with it. It was nice to just let them roam around on their own without a lot of help.

Hoppers1005 12

Even though we didn’t stay the whole game, it turned out to be a late night. The kids were tired and had to have a seat to rest and read the paper.

Hoppers1005 13

Click through one of the photos to see a few more shots.

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