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June 1, 2006

15 Mos. Doctors Visit

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So Mara had her pediatrican appointment recently. She now weighs 24lbs. 4oz. which puts her in the 75th percentile. Her height is 31 and 1/4 inches which also puts her in the 75th percentile (hooray, not a shorty like me) and her head is 46 and 1/2 cm which put it in the 70 percentile. Our little girl is getting BIG and quickly!

August 25, 2005

6 Mos. Pediatrician Visit

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Our little girl is getting big. On Monday August 22 she had her 6 month check-up with Dr. Lowe. One day we’ll take a picture of her and you will know (visually) who this Dr. Lowe is that we are routinely referring to in our blogs.

So here’s the stats….she’s 25 & 3/4 inches long….weighing in at 17 lbs 3.5 ounces! She’s made great strides in both height and weight. Before long there will be no more infant seat. According to the side instructions posted on the seat she should move up at 20 pounds or 26 inches whichever occurs first. Looks like it will be 26 inches at this point in time.

June 29, 2005

Eye Doctor Visit

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Yesterday I had to visit the eye doctor, because Mom and Dad had noticed that sometimes my pupils were different sizes. The doctor said that it was good that I came in to check it out because you never know, but I did not have either of the two medical conditions that are associated with this symptom. I am part of the 20% that just naturally have uneven pupils. Yay!

As a part of the exam they had to put these drops in my eyes that dilated my pupils so that the doctor could see in my eyes. This wasn’t fun. But what was even less fun was wearing the goofy glasses to protect my eyes from the sunlight. That’s why I didn’t cooperate too well for this picture. I look horrible in them!!

Mara Eye Doctor Glasses

June 27, 2005

On The Road To Recovery

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Since the last posting the health of the Evans girls had declined but now I imagine we must be close to feeling better. This has been going on from about last Thursday evening (June 23rd) until now. Being new parents we didn’t want to not visit the pediatrician to make sure Mara was doing well despite her congestion, real cough (not the cute fake one for attention), and sneezing. Today we learned her ears look good. No ear infections thus far…Hooray! Mara only being 18 weeks old (tomorrow) we were told by Dr. Lowe there really isn’t much to do for her cold. The humidifier, Pedicare medicine (OTC) and using the bulbous booger sucker with some saline is about it.

Her appetite hasn’t seemed to suffer despite being sick…today at the peds office she weighed 12lbs 12 ounces. That’s 7 ounces more than just 10 days ago at her 4 month doctor visit!

I just hope that her throat hasn’t hurt as much as mine did in the beginning. That has seemed to fade for me now and has been replaced by a nagging cough. All in all we can’t believe what a complete sweetheart our little one continues to be. Sure she’s not feeling well and you can tell a little bit but she hasn’t been outrageously cranky or inconsolable in the least.

We are hoping to be feeling much better by this weekend because we will be visiting with Brenda & Luke Evans…a.k.a. Mara’s paternal grandparents. Mara will be elated to see new faces so she can flash a gummy smile.

Also coming up at end of this week Mara will be doing the second photo shoot of her life. We want to get some real good ones because now it should be a big contrast to the tiny, sleepy little baby that was photographed during her first month of life. As soon as we can get to it we’ll post a couple of the photos from that first shoot here on her blog. Most are framed but we have a couple that are not yet and we can try scanning them for you all to view.

Lastly….a plea…we are hearing many of you are checking out the website but we have no way of knowing unless you become a registered user for the website and make a comment. So if you have the time we’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, things you like to see written about here or pictures you’d like to see, etc.

Update: Added an example of the professional photos.



June 17, 2005

4 month pediatrician visit

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Today I went to the pediatrician for my 4 month appointment. I now weigh 12lbs 5.5oz and have reached a height of 23¼ inches. My head circumference is 39¾ centimeters.
They also had to stick me again not once but four times. I remember these same shots from my 2 month visit.
Since week 15 of life mom & dad have introduced Similac Advance formula to my diet. Mom’s milk supply was diminishing so that week I had some of both breast milk and formula but since then I’ve been strictly eating my formula.
I eat five bottles a day around three hours apart and between 6-7 ounces each time.
It has been going well though because I haven’t had any problems so far. I’m pooping more and mom & dad call my heavy pee pee diapers pee pee bricks because I go so much more now.
Dr. Lowe, my pediatrician, says I can now start eating 3-4 tablespoons of plain dry baby cereal mixed with formula 1-2 times a day. This should be fun for mom & dad since I push spit out of my mouth consistently throughout the day. I’m a very slobbery baby! Mom’s planning on going out tomorrow to purchase my new food so I can have some tomorrow. Knowing these two they will document it on film like they do everything else. It’s like the paparazzi live here with me!

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