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April 10, 2011

Six Year Work In Progress

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It couldn’t have really seemed like it, but we had not cut Mara’s hair ever except for one time to get a small trim to neaten things up (and I can’t even remember when that was). So six years of hair growth came to an end last Thursday. Some time ago Mara decided that she was going to donate her hair to charity. Mom joined her in that quest and the gating item was waiting for Mom’s hair to grow long enough.

We were just waiting to see how it would turn out for both of them.

Leading up to the moment, Mara seemed to be rethinking things just a little. I think it was also a little bit of anticipation more than hesitation.

WigsForKids 03

The before, long beautiful locks.

WigsForKids 06

The big moment.

WigsForKids 08

Lollipop for hair… even exchange.

WigsForKids 09

Mom’s turn.

WigsForKids 12

And… the result. Cute bobs.

If you would like more information about how to donate your hair like Mom and Mara did, please visit Wigs For Kids.

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