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March 15, 2009

First Book Read

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Mara hit a milestone today by reading her first book ever! She has been making a lot of progress on her letter sounds, and also at sounding out words. She will often do some of it by herself. She has gotten to the point that sometimes she will read a word on her own while we are out and about, or even recognize some simple words quite readily.

Since she was doing so well I really wanted to see what she could do if motivated to try a whole book. Most of the ones on her bookshelf are too hard. Also some of the beginning reading books she has are hard too (of course she wanted to start right in on the princess book). I was looking for something like, “see spot run.” Steph reminded me that we have BOB books. I am not familiar with them, but it is exactly what we needed. We pulled out book 1 from collection 1, named “Mat.” It is only about 6 or 7 pages, with things like, “Mat sat. Sam Sat. Mat sat on Sam.” (that would be 3 pages, and don’t ask me why it’s not “Matt”)

Perfect. She sounded the words out and did it all.


Wanna hear me read?

March 8, 2009

Daddy makes Mara’s ‘dream’ come true

Filed under: General — Steph @ 7:10 pm

Tonight Luke and Mara are watching the Wake Forest vs. Clemson game. Mara said she wanted to give “The Demon Deacon” meaning the mascot a hug. Daddy tracked him down for her and here’s the result! You’re the best Daddy!


Wow..could this be? An actual posting that is timely on Mara or Campbell’s blog. Crazy huh. We are working on, well really Steph, is working on posting more!

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