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May 26, 2009

Weekend In Wilmington

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This past weekend we braved the holiday traffic and took the trek down to Wilmington to spend time with the g’rents. The kids were happy to see them and they were happy to see the kids.

On Saturday we made a little trip to Southport to check out the action over there. The kids enjoyed getting some lollipops and rock candy and chasing seagulls in the park at the mouth of the Cape Fear River.

MemDayWkend09 04

Strolling the waterway with Mom.

The more memorable moments for the kids came on Sunday when we went to the beach. We got there early enough to beat the big crowds and got a parking spot. None were left when we were leaving and we could have sold for a pretty penny. Mara was making bucket runs for water with grandma in order to build a sand castle. Campbell was playing in the sand with cars. Pretty soon it turned into burying Mara and putting sand castles on top of her. Unfortunately we didn’t foresee Campbell’s confusion by the burial, and we would hear Mara saying, “careful Campbell, you’re stepping on me.” She really enjoyed it and stayed there for a while.

MemDayWkend09 29

Kiss the head.

It was tough to get them to settle up to leave. Campbell tried to stay. Getting back in the car, Mara spontaneously said, “thanks mom and dad for taking us to the beach!”

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