Last Day At The Pool

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This past Saturday marked the last day at the neighborhood pool for the Evans family. Luckily the season went a little long for us, as they decided to keep it open past the Labor Day weekend. That is the beauty of taking over ownership of the pool by the neighborhood.

pool0907 02

I Love The Pool

Mara has come a long way this season in her abilities. She began by using swimmies for the first time, and followed that up by swimming alone without anyone touching her. She has even gotten to the point where she is willing to jump in the pool by herself with little coaxing. On Saturday she was running and jumping in. Click a picture to see more photos from the day.

pool0907 05

Look At Me…

On a whim, we decided to use the video function on our digital camera for the first time. It didn’t turn out too bad and we were impressed. For the sake of it, here are the raw videos, no fancy editing (warning, the file sizes are a little larger than typically posted here). Oh, and in the 2nd video, that isn’t added theme music for the south. That is a couple of guys that were sitting and playing in the pool area. Nothing like a little Banjo.

Jump In The Pool 1 Video
Jump In The Pool 1 Video

40.8 MB / Time 0:22

Jump In The Pool 2 Video
Jump In The Pool 2 Video

144 MB / Time 1:21

The Little Traveler

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Going on a plane with Mara now, we need to get some things for her to do and put them somewhere. Last month when we went to NY Mom thought it would be a good idea to get her her own bag to carry along in the airport. When I saw it for the first time, it seemed a little bigger than I expected to need. But, there were really few choices so that is what we ended up with. After a little trial and error, Mara became pretty adept at handling herself and the bag through the airport. Her worst problem is that she tends to be quite the people watcher and can’t keep her eyes on the road. In a busy airport that isn’t the best combination as you can imagine.


The Little Traveler.


I Rather Enjoy My Bag.


Too Fast!

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