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July 19, 2007

Tons Of Elefun

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This past weekend we had the Sowell’s over for a little cookout and dinner. Nothing fancy, but just a good opportunity to get the kids together for a little playtime. Mara and Parker had fun running around inside the house, then when we were cooking they took full advantage of the sand table outside.

After dinner we went upstairs and the kids got busy in Mara’s closet. Somehow a game of Elefun broke out. If you don’t know what it is, its where butterflies come shooting out of an elephant’s trunk. The object is to catch the butterflies in a net, but it is pretty hard even for an adult. Mara has always been haunted by this toy, for reasons unknown. The very mention of playing with it brought a frown to her face. Not this time. After the initial fear she was all game. See the kids have fun.

Elefun Video
Elefun Video

11.8 MB / Time 2:26

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