Party Time 2009

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This past Saturday Mara celebrated her birthday with a little gathering at Jump n’ Fun. This is probably her favorite type of place to hold a party, so basically she picked it out. However, we did have to select from a few choices of jumping establishment in the area and mom and dad got to make that choice. Although I do remember having to convince her that we couldn’t afford pump it up as a reason why we weren’t going there. Do you really convince a 4 year old?

Birthday09 01

The birthday girl is all smiles.

Birthday09 26

Ready to slide.

Birthday09 25

Nana and the kids.

Birthday09 13

Cousin Grace whoopin’ it up.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. After a possible melt down on the party hat situation (thanks Keith and Davis) Mara lightened up and was able to blow out her candles on her cake. After the jumping, they rush you through the reception room pretty fast so a quick bite to eat and the cake and we were out of there. Mara says, “thanks for all the gifts!”

Birthday09 34

Blow ’em out.

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