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January 19, 2011

We call it playing t.v.

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We have snow on the ground again. School is closed. What shall we do? Make some videos of course. We calling it playing t.v. and the kids absolutely love hamming it up for the camera. Check out these videos and get a good laugh. Honestly it was hard holding the camera still. Not sure I did a great job of it because it was so amusing to me. Thanks for the Harmonicas Nana and the Ukelele Grandma.

Click on the picture to watch the video
Mara singing 2011 01 19

Here are a few more videos to watch
Campbell’s trash can song

Mara’s random version of Spice Girls song

Campbell sings Beyonce

December 30, 2009

Mara On Being Special

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Dad – “Grandma and Nana are quite special aren’t they? And they do things in their own special way, don’t they?”

Mara – “You’re special too dad. And you do things in your special way. But I am special-er. Because I’m a little girl with beautiful curls. It’s not that there’s no one else that isn’t special, it’s just that I am the specialist in the whole world.”

March 8, 2009

Daddy makes Mara’s ‘dream’ come true

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Tonight Luke and Mara are watching the Wake Forest vs. Clemson game. Mara said she wanted to give “The Demon Deacon” meaning the mascot a hug. Daddy tracked him down for her and here’s the result! You’re the best Daddy!


Wow..could this be? An actual posting that is timely on Mara or Campbell’s blog. Crazy huh. We are working on, well really Steph, is working on posting more!

November 22, 2008

Quick On Her Feet

Filed under: General — Luke @ 8:36 pm

I just had to post this. Mara has reached the point where she is pretty intuitive and is able to connect the dots.

We went to Red Robin for dinner and every time we go we get balloons. Well, when walking out I had seen that Mara was taking the string from the balloon and wrapping it around her finger about twenty times. At a later point I said to her that she should not wrap the string around her finger like that. Of course the patent three year old question arose.


“Well, because you can cut off the circulation to your finger and hurt it, then we will have to go to the doctor and have them cut your thumb off when it doesn’t work anymore. You wouldn’t want to have your thumb cut off would you?” I said.

“No,” Mara replied.

Sometimes you have to go to extremes to get children to listen, right? OK, yeah, it was a little morbid. And writing it here makes me think I really shouldn’t have done it. But, I did.

Later on the ride home we were chatting. Then Campbell piped up complaining about something. With his balloon I had tied it on the outside of his jacket around his arm pit and shoulder. He doesn’t like having it tied because he wants to just hold it, so if you tie it he complains and cries. If you just hand it to him he loses the balloon within minutes to the sky gods, so at that point he cries. A lose lose situation of course.

Anyways, he was complaining and yanking on the string, and generally motioning to the balloon.

I said, “What, did you keep pulling on the string and get it tight around your arm so that now it hurts?”

And all I heard was, “We’re gonna have to cut his arm off. Yeah, Campbell, we’re gonna have to cut your arm off little buddy.”

September 22, 2008

Ice Cream, Like Kryptonite

Filed under: General — Luke @ 12:34 am

If there was ever anything that was a weakness for this family, it has to be ice cream and the calorie deluge it bombards us with. So, since that is the case we could not resist attending the 14th Annual Ice Cream & Music Festival on Saturday at Guilford College. This is about the 4th year we have gone. I hate to say that it is getting a little weaker through the time we have gone, but hopefully it will turn around. The bright side is that this is the first year where the kids could start to enjoy the rides a little bit more. So that meant fun for them and a dent in the wallet. Since when did kiddie rides get so expensive? Ah, all for a good cause.

Auntie Jen and Grace were in town for a visit. Nana came along too, so it was quite a few of the family enjoying the scene. The kids had a great time indulging in the hot dogs, corn dogs, and of course, ice cream. Dancing and rides were a bonus. Click on any of the pictures to go into the gallery.

IC Fest 08 01

Two peas in a pod.

IC Fest 08 09

On the hunt for some of the cold stuff.

IC Fest 08 12

Getting quality Nana time.

IC Fest 08 16

Auntie Jen and Grace.

IC Fest 08 18


IC Fest 08 24

Yo bro!

IC Fest 08 37

Look out below!

IC Fest 08 68

Please, sir, may I have another?

August 25, 2008

“Look Mom, I made a scary face”

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That is literally what she said when I saw her with all the green marker on her face this morning before I walked out the door for work.
Obviously I had to let her know markers don’t belong on her face however it was so funny I couldn’t help but laugh so I tried to turn my head at least!
Maybe you’ll get a big giggle of out of her like I did this morning!

IMG 2865
IMG 2867
IMG 2868

July 31, 2008

Superstar Princess Jeep

Filed under: General — Luke @ 9:56 pm

This week Lisa took some pictures of the kids playing in the driveway. If you remember, Mara got her jeep some time ago and wasn’t very adept at using it. Here is a chance to get a real look at Mara driving around. When we first put her in this thing she didn’t even know what to do. We had to push the button and walk along side her to let her have some fun with it. Now it is not problem and she goes all over. Even off roadin’.


I love my jeep.


Let’s see what this baby can do…

June 30, 2008

Trekking On The Trike

Filed under: General — Luke @ 10:34 pm

So the topic of this post is a little old, but I was searching for something to post about since it had been a while since the last time we put something up here. These pics were actually taken by Lisa in April and are a little dated.

Mara has had a tricycle now for while, but it has been until this year where she has made the turn to being able to ride it with no problems. It used to be that one of us had to push her around, but now she is out in the cul-de-sac doing donuts when we are not looking.

On this particular day the crew took a trip up to the playground. Not knowing how far it is if you have never been there, and most of you have not, it has to be about a 10-15 minute walk. Mara proceeded to ride her trike all the way there with ease. One might think, riding is better than walking, but after looking at the size of this vehicle, I would think twice.

trike 2

Look at the intensity!

trike 5

Sweet success is best experienced in a swing.

November 3, 2007

Thanks Auntie Jen & Family!

Filed under: General — Mara @ 12:10 pm

Hi to all! I just wanted to wear my very fashionable new outfit Auntie Jen sent me! This kind of attire is what daddio refers to as the Evans ladies “uniform” because mommy and I like to wear them around the house all the time. Auntie Jen thanks for contributing to my wardrobe. Well mine and Grace’s actually because when I can’t wear it anymore I’ll give it to my very sweet and beautiful little cousin, Grace!

IMG 1359

January 30, 2007

Big Girl Bed

Filed under: General — Steph @ 8:42 am

On Saturday January 20, 2007 Mara slept for the first time in her big girl bed. Thanks Auntie Jen for providing the bed! We thought there might be some sleepless nights on the horizon but we were totally wrong and very happy for it. That day during naptime was her first chance to sleep in the big girl bed. She did really well and when I heard her start talking I went in to get her but she was already out of the bed and heading for the toys to play. Then we thought she might be a bed escaper now but we totally lucked out because that night and every time after atleast until this point she has never left the bed even for naps until we come to get her. You can see during set up of the bed she was really enjoying the bouncing on the bed. We even caught her mid air!

.IMG 0253

I think the transition has been an easy one. Maybe because only her bed changed and not her room. We decided instead to put the new baby boy in a different room instead of having her give up her space. We are in the process of giving her room a different and more “big girl” feel. You can see by the pictures we’ve added some wall decoration called candy wall arts in the pattern, Dots. She really likes them but I’m afraid one day I’ll walk into the room and she will have peeled them off the wall. So far so good.

IMG 0258

How did we end up with such a sweet, easy going and well adjusted child? Beats me, but we are praying hard for the second one to come out with a temperment as close to this as possible!!!

IMG 0257

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