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June 29, 2006

Making Friends In The DR

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When Mara was on the plane to the Dominican Republic, she was a very social little girl. She made faces and played games with the couple that sat behind us on that leg. Of course when we got to customs and everything we parted ways. I don’t think we even introduced ourselves.

Then on the second night of our stay at the resort we were going to the restaurant Bambu. We recognized a couple standing outside the restaurant, but at that point I just thought it was a familiar face from the resort. Nope, it was the couple from the flight.

Well, we went on to introduce each other, and also saw much of each other coincidentally throughout the stay. Mara had some new friends at that point, Flavia and Marcio. Thanks for sending the picture! And thanks for spending time with Mara, she loved it!

Flavia Marcio Mara

June 24, 2006


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Hi to all. Just a very cute picture of Mara I wanted to post. I took this last week one morning before day care. Mara’s teacher Ms. Rogers asked me to bring in a photo of her for the room. This is the one I took with the camera and then printed for us to carry.


Can you believe after just over a week in day care Mara is already sick? She has sinusitis/otitis media according to Dr. Little. Mara’s regular pediatrician was vacating. She is taking Omnicef which she seems to like because she drinks it right down every morning. It is strawberry flavored though. She gave her illness to both mom and dad. The Evans household is a sick one right now I’m sorry to report!

June 23, 2006


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Mara started daycare Monday June 12th, which also happens to be Nana’s (A.K.A. Ann Smith) birthday. She is acclimating quite well. At first she seems to just observe everything as if taking it all in, then she feels comfortable about becoming a part of the group. Now I think she worries that at nap time she’s going to miss something because she hasn’t been sleeping her normal 2+ hours instead she only slept 30-45 mins. the first couple of days. Once she’s use to it I’m sure she’ll be back on her normal napping pattern. She is however being her normal self in terms of demeanor. There is a check list I get everyday about her disposition. She got a check mark for chatty, happy and cooperative most days. She even helped put up the toys her first day! What a sweet one we have. Also everyday on her status report it said she had a fun time today, “DANCING”! It doesn’t matter where you are with her if she hears some music she will dance! Too cute!! You can also see Ms. Rogers, one of her teachers, in the pictures.


June 22, 2006

My New Uncle

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Check out my new Uncle, Conan. He married my Aunt Jen on Saturday, June 10th in Richmond, VA. Aren’t they a lovely couple. I didn’t get to go to the wedding because I probably would not have been able to sit still or be quiet for the whole hour long Catholic ceremony. It was beautiful though according to Mom & Dad!

Conan and I go way back though…here’s something you might not know about him. He put my red wagon together for me over Christmas this past year. That makes him tops on my list anyday!!!

UncleConan AuntJen

June 19, 2006

Our Neighborhood Pool

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She’s all packed up in her little red wagon (compliments of Grandma Evans) to have fun at the pool. Our neighborhood pool opened up and we took her the weekend it did. She especially liked when they were filling the kiddie pool and the water was coming out of the spout. It was freezing. Her lips might be blue. We also caught her jumping in the pool here with Daddy catching her. Click on the picture here to see the rest of our pool photos.


June 18, 2006

Get The Paper

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Awwww. Mara was so nice to daddy today on Father’s Day. She went out to get the paper for him. This is another example of where Mara loves to show how she can pick things up and move them. See how big that paper is compared to her, but she doesn’t give up.


Even resorting to dragging it behind her.


Take no prisoners! Look at the determination on her face.


June 15, 2006

What Is That Smell?

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Mom has done it again. She taught our daughter one of those life long lessons that will help her out for years to come. Her feet are stinky.

Now its a fun little game we play. So we can say something like, “are your hands sticky?” after she eats some fruit and Mara will proceed to smell her hands and declare that no, they are in fact not sticky, rather, they smell. Thats our girl.

Here is a video where we caught her in the act during our trip down to the Dominican.

Stinky Video
Stinky Video

4.1 MB / Time 1:42

June 2, 2006

Dominican Republic – The Video

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Audiences have been clamoring for it for weeks. OK, days. OK, never clamored. Dominican Republic…. The Video!

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You have never seen any movie like it before. Mara, a mild mannered reporter from the big city goes on her first adventure to an island in the Caribbean. She doesn’t speak the language, she doesn’t even know anyone. Whatever shall she do???!?!?!?!

I guess just jump in the pool. Mara had a blast with the new adventure of a family vacation. She has no fear of the pool, she gets her groove on (reminiscent of her younger days), learns a new language, and makes new friends. The video is a little long and, yes, there are parts where you cannot see much because of the sun. Somehow we will have to learn how to adjust for that in the future. Nevertheless I’m sure it will be entertaining (at least for the grandparents). The file is, as a result of length, very large. We broke the site record with this one. But, I didn’t want to reduce the quality so go get a coffee or something and let the computer simmer a while.

I suggest right clicking the link to the video and choosing “save as…” so that if anything funky happens the file is on your computer rather than having to download it again off the site and waste your time getting another coffee (I mean you just got one, right?).

DomRep06 Video
DomRep06 Video

64.7 MB / Time 25:32

June 1, 2006

15 Mos. Doctors Visit

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So Mara had her pediatrican appointment recently. She now weighs 24lbs. 4oz. which puts her in the 75th percentile. Her height is 31 and 1/4 inches which also puts her in the 75th percentile (hooray, not a shorty like me) and her head is 46 and 1/2 cm which put it in the 70 percentile. Our little girl is getting BIG and quickly!

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