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June 30, 2005

Mara Is Well

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This is just a quick post to let everyone know that Mara is doing just fine. The last remnants of her cold are almost gone. So much so we are not doing anything special anymore to treat symptoms.

Next, the Grandparents from NY will be visiting this weekend. They should be in tomorrow. Stay tuned to see if they make it in a posting….

June 29, 2005

Eye Doctor Visit

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Yesterday I had to visit the eye doctor, because Mom and Dad had noticed that sometimes my pupils were different sizes. The doctor said that it was good that I came in to check it out because you never know, but I did not have either of the two medical conditions that are associated with this symptom. I am part of the 20% that just naturally have uneven pupils. Yay!

As a part of the exam they had to put these drops in my eyes that dilated my pupils so that the doctor could see in my eyes. This wasn’t fun. But what was even less fun was wearing the goofy glasses to protect my eyes from the sunlight. That’s why I didn’t cooperate too well for this picture. I look horrible in them!!

Mara Eye Doctor Glasses

June 27, 2005

Mara And The Exersaucer Giraffe

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Another one of Mara’s friends seems to be the giraffe in the exersaucer. I don’t know what it is about that one object, but she seems to be drawn to it. There weren’t a lot of things to do in daddy day care when I was off work, but this one seemed to do the trick. Now this video isn’t for the faint at heart. It is a pure six minutes plus of baby in exersaucer doing little, but of course little is interpreted as a lot by parents. This video was taken a couple weeks ago before Mara was sick. Hope you enjoy!

Mara Exersaucer Giraffe Video

Mara Exersaucer Giraffe Video

On The Road To Recovery

Filed under: Doctor Visits — Steph @ 9:02 pm

Since the last posting the health of the Evans girls had declined but now I imagine we must be close to feeling better. This has been going on from about last Thursday evening (June 23rd) until now. Being new parents we didn’t want to not visit the pediatrician to make sure Mara was doing well despite her congestion, real cough (not the cute fake one for attention), and sneezing. Today we learned her ears look good. No ear infections thus far…Hooray! Mara only being 18 weeks old (tomorrow) we were told by Dr. Lowe there really isn’t much to do for her cold. The humidifier, Pedicare medicine (OTC) and using the bulbous booger sucker with some saline is about it.

Her appetite hasn’t seemed to suffer despite being sick…today at the peds office she weighed 12lbs 12 ounces. That’s 7 ounces more than just 10 days ago at her 4 month doctor visit!

I just hope that her throat hasn’t hurt as much as mine did in the beginning. That has seemed to fade for me now and has been replaced by a nagging cough. All in all we can’t believe what a complete sweetheart our little one continues to be. Sure she’s not feeling well and you can tell a little bit but she hasn’t been outrageously cranky or inconsolable in the least.

We are hoping to be feeling much better by this weekend because we will be visiting with Brenda & Luke Evans…a.k.a. Mara’s paternal grandparents. Mara will be elated to see new faces so she can flash a gummy smile.

Also coming up at end of this week Mara will be doing the second photo shoot of her life. We want to get some real good ones because now it should be a big contrast to the tiny, sleepy little baby that was photographed during her first month of life. As soon as we can get to it we’ll post a couple of the photos from that first shoot here on her blog. Most are framed but we have a couple that are not yet and we can try scanning them for you all to view.

Lastly….a plea…we are hearing many of you are checking out the website but we have no way of knowing unless you become a registered user for the website and make a comment. So if you have the time we’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, things you like to see written about here or pictures you’d like to see, etc.

Update: Added an example of the professional photos.



June 24, 2005

NO NO Not The Bulbous Booger Sucker

Filed under: General — Steph @ 10:23 pm

Today our little one seems to be congested. No matter how many times her nostrils have been cleared with the bulb syringe we still hear congestion so we decided to break out the warm mist humidifier. Let’s hope that helps. We knew something must be wrong besides the gurgling noise coming from her nose when she wasn’t sleeping well. This little angel, since 11 weeks of life, has been sleeping through the night consistently from between 7 and 8 at night to between 7 and 8 in the morning. Every hour or so tonight when we put her down for the night she woke up cranky. We called the peds office and the nurse tells me babies don’t breathe through their mouth. They tend to wake up if they suck their thumb (she does) and are congested due to lack of breathing. Interesting I thought. She recommended the humidifier, pediacare (Luke went out to get some), and saline nose drops. You are supposed to only put one drop in one nostril then you must suction it out and do the same in the next nostril. The scary thing is that if you put the drops in both at the same time they could drown! YIKES! Who knew?

Mara’s New Best Friend

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This is Kathy. She is the one now caring for little Mara during the day. And she is doing a mighty fine job of it so far, I might add. Now that Mom and Dad are both back to work we have turned over the duties of making our little one a well adjusted contributor to society to someone else.

Mara And Kathy

June 22, 2005

“Little Luke In A Dress”

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I affectionately refer to her as “Little Luke In A Dress” because I see more of Luke in her appearance however Luke seems to think she has some of my personality traits. By those I think he means impatient and demanding…hehe

Recently she has discovered her toes and grabs them. But she doesn’t seem to be as interested (so far) in them as her hands. We laugh at the fact that she randomly stops in the middle of whatever she might be doing to devote a 15 second stare of amazement to her hands.

Still of all her activities nothing comes close to the enjoyment she gets out of her Einstein Mat. This has been the case since 8 weeks of age. The star makes her smile consistently, no other toy can do this. I swear that smile is so bright she could light up the city of Greensboro. It really is the cutest with all that gumminess. So let me take a moment here to thank my friends, Kay Miller and Kathy Laskey who gave us the E-mat.

This is our first week with the nanny since daddy daycare packed up and went back to work at RFMD. Our nanny, Kathy, has made mine and Luke’s transition from one of us caring for her, to someone outside our family an easier one. For this we are tremendously grateful! She is doing an excellent job picking up where we left off by doing the things we find most important like giving her undivided attention and talking with our little chatty patty….another trait Luke thinks came from my side of the gene pool. This is day three of having our nanny Kathy, and Mara already seems to recognize and stare at her which is a good thing. With Kathy’s permission we will take a picture of the two of them together and post it here by the end of the week so stay tuned.

Update: Wanted to add a picture of the feet exploration in action!

Touching Toes 1

June 21, 2005

Pictures on Shutterfly, 6/21

Filed under: Pictures — Luke @ 11:02 pm

This has to be one of my favorite pictures taken with Mara so far. Perhaps you’ve already seen it as part of a Shutterfly album that Stephanie made. Perhaps you haven’t. If you have yet to see the latest album, the link is below the picture.

Mara On Shoulders

Link to Shutterfly album.

June 20, 2005

Mara’s First Attempt At Cereal

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After visiting the pediatrician on Friday, she gave us the OK to start trying to feed Mara cereal for 1-2 meals per day in addition to her bottles. We got some cereal and tried this for the first time on Saturday. I just had a chance to rip the video and post it on the website. Maras_1st_Cereal.

I know that it doesn’t seem to work directly from the website, so what you will need to try is,
1) Right click on the link,
2) Choose “Save Link As…”
3) Find a directory and click “OK”
4) Once downloaded, navigate to the directory you selected and double-click the file.

You will need Windows Media Player. The original file worked fine on my computer, but then didn’t seem to work directly off the website. (**tech jargon warning**) My speculation is that it is because it is encoded to be a streaming file, but the website is not setup to stream content perhaps? I am hoping that by saving to your own computer you will experience being able to open the file as I can on the original file.

Update: It seems that the problem with the file was simply a corrupt transfer to the website. It seems to be working now. Let me know if you have problems.

June 18, 2005

First Picture

Filed under: Pictures — Luke @ 11:40 am

Here it is. This is the first picture on Mara’s blog! This was taken this morning after first waking up. We always think she looks so cute naked! You can see her band-aids for the shots she got yesterday. Suprisingly it doesn’t seem that they bother her too much. The Tylenol must be working.

Doctors Shots 1

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