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June 26, 2007

Pool Is Back On

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For those that don’t know, for a while this winter it looked like our neighborhood pool was going to be lost to us. The company running the development was going to reclaim it and turn it into some housing lots or townhomes since it didn’t recruit enough members. A long story later, and we were able to get them to turn the club over to the neighborhood and the pool is open again for the summer!

This past weekend we had some friends visit from VA. Amy, Danny, and their children Brittany and Preston were in town so we went to the pool on Saturday. We had a lot of fun.

PoolJun07 06

Brittany and Preston Loungin’

Mara has been getting better and better in the water. This year she is starting to kick and move her arms. On our way to the pool before we even get there she is talking about swimming and moving her arms. On Saturday we put her in the water with the flotation vest, but this time she asked to have one of the noodles. The only problem with the flotation vest is that she is not balanced from front to back or side to side, and she doesn’t understand how to control that at all. But, with the noodle in front of her it provides the balance side to side and something for her to lean on. We got pictures of her swimming without anyone holding her. It was tough to get her to commit to leaning forward though.

PoolJun07 02

Mara With No One Holding On

There’s not much for Campbell to do yet at the pool. In fact the last time we went he was pretty cranky and cried the whole time. That was tough for the little man, but also tough on Mom as she had to sit with him the whole time. This time, Campbell was more calm, and Mom got to get in the pool.

PoolJun07 07

Little Man C

PoolJun07 08

Mom and Mara

Click through any of the pictures to see some more shots.

June 8, 2007

Joint Picture Session

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A few weeks ago we went and had pictures taken of both Mara and Campbell. For Campbell they were his first set of pictures and he was four weeks old. For Mara, we had missed her two year old pictures around her birthday because she kept getting sick around the days she was supposed to have them. So these were for her second year.

We went to a new photographer for us. We had gotten a promotional card in the hospital when Campbell was born and we were in for a change. The photographer is Carolyn Albright Photography and her example pictures on her card and website looked good so we gave it a shot. The pictures turned out really good. Here are a few to get you started.





We expect that Carolyn will be making it possible to order pictures from the web, but that is not possible at this point. When we have more information we will let those interested know. If they don’t get up there soon, we will post more here.

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