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July 31, 2005

First Tooth Is A Comin’

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Well, our suspicions to Mara’s seeming crankiness at times are coming true. Her first tooth is just peeking out of her gums now. You can feel the ridges on it. Stay tuned for a picture of it when it pops up.

Update: First picture of Mara’s teeth posted.

July 30, 2005

Jen, Conan, and Mara

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Aunt Jen and Conan are in for a visit. Mara was unable to stay up late enough to see them last night when they got in, but is spending a lot of time with them today. Mara loves them!

Jen Conan And Mara

Model Session Proofs

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This is a follow up from an older post where we had measly scans of inkjet printouts of the pictures taken. This week we got the proofs for the pages we are buying for her book. Its a specialized keepsake bound book (aka expensive) that we got for her that we will fill over time as she ages and we go to more sessions. We have 5 in it from her newborn session. See the 3 new pages below.

Photo Session8Photo Session9Photo Session10

July 29, 2005

Take Me Out To the Ballgame

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On Tuesday we went to see a baseball game in the new stadium here in downtown Greensboro. It was a company deal where they get tix for everyone and you can bring friends and family. They do it every year now. So Mara got to see (attend) her first game. She was an angel, and even stayed up late. She was smiling at everyone all night long. I think she really enjoyed it.

So at the game we ended up handing her a water bottle to occupy some time. She literally put the end of it up to her mouth. Not necessarily a suprise because everything goes to her mouth, but this was certainly coordinated to be the end only. Maybe she is close to holding her own bottle?? We can only hope…

Mara And Bottle


July 26, 2005

Just A Sprinkle A Day

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Mr. Sprinkles is a stuffed toy that hangs out on Mara’s cribside, and every night before bed Mr. Sprinkles gives Mara a kiss goodnight. She gets a big ‘ole smile when we pull Mr. Sprinkles in for her kiss. Its funny how much she instantly liked him. I foresee her dragging him around for a while to come (Thanks Amy P.).

Mara And Sprinkles2

Usually I smile for the kiss…

Mara And Sprinkles1

See… this is how I really feel

July 25, 2005

New Highchair

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Some late information. Mara has since passed on all her attempts to eat stage 1 solid foods. So that means she is free to eat sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, green beans, squash, and…. I’m not sure what else. We have even started feeding her some fruits which is somewhat “illegal.” The sheet says we shouldn’t start yet, but the pediatrician said it was OK in moderation.

So on Sunday Dad setup her high chair for the first time. Up until now we just used her bouncy seat on the coffee table, but felt it was time for her to be a (relatively) big girl. This morning we took a few shots of her in it for the first time. Here are a couple good ones. She’s such a good eater!

Mara In Highchair1

Hey, quit bothering me in my highchair…

Mara In Highchair2

Ahhhhhhh….. more, more

July 24, 2005

Over The Hills & Thru The Woods…

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Today I went to Nana’s house (a.k.a. maternal grandmother-Ann). It was very fun to see her because we haven’t visited in quite some time. I was a bit skeptical at first. For the last month I know who my parents are and people I see regularly but everyone else frightens me a little in the beginning. I usually warm up once the other person holds me but I can still see mom & dad close by keeping an eye on me.

She got to see me eat my sweet potatoes for lunch and grab at my bottle like I’m going to actually feed myself. Later in the day when I got tired she rocked me to sleep in her sqeaky rocking chair. It was nice being all cuddled up against her. When I left I had something to remember her by…I smelled her light perfume on me.

Nana and Mara

July 21, 2005

Tasty Tootsies

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I know in the past I mentioned how Mara had found her feet. Now she’s totally obsessed with sucking on them. I shouldn’t say them it’s mostly her right foot for some reason. And incidentally it always smells stinkier than her left one perhaps due to all the saliva on it. You know we are new silly parents when we start not just smelling her feet but talking about it too.

So tonight I was at Dillards getting some clothes and Mara is riding around in her stroller with me enjoying the scenery and being quite well behaved. Well behaved but I didn’t say lady like. She had her tongue hanging out of her mouth and she was stroking her right foot down her tongue. It was very amusing!!

How is it I could never find a sales associate in any department store before strolling around with “little miss”? I swear the lady in the shoe dept. asked me three times if she could help me then followed me around the store commenting how what a cute baby Mara is and how she has such a pleasant demeanor.

Foot In Mouth

July 18, 2005

A Walk To The Lake

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So some might be wondering, just what did Luke do during all that time off? Here is an actual activity that Mara and I did very often, pretty much every day unless it was raining. Even then I took her out with the umbrella once. I have since found out that all babies like to go outside and that it pacifies them. I thought that I had discovered the holy grail when I took Mara out for a walk for the first time. To me it helped occupy some awake time when she wasn’t eating or sleeping, to get her on schedule.

Keep an eye out in the beginning. I came close to making a big blunder on the stairs, kinda funny (OK not really since I had precious cargo). Also, later on (much later), you may think I’m a loon talking about seeing turtles, but they just don’t show up well. First they only poke their heads out and are really small, plus the conversion to a video I can put on the internet distorts it too much to see them. But they’re there I tell you… they’re there!

Walk To Lake Video

Walk To Lake Video

17.3 MB / Time 6:53

Update: OK, I think the swimming creature that I talk about in the video, but don’t know the name for, is a muskrat. It was bothering me so I looked it up.

July 17, 2005

Model Session

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So, a few weeks back Mara went to a local photographer to get some pictures taken. Just on Friday, Mom and Dad went in to down select the photos to ones we would actually turn into cash for the photographer… I mean prints for our memories. Here are a couple select ones that I scanned in from the paper printouts he gave us, aka, terrible looking scans. There are also thumbs of the scanned pages which you can see by clicking on the link to the album (we have sent out these pages to family like last time).

Photo Session5
Photo Session6
Photo Session7

Model Session 2 Album

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