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February 22, 2006

1st Happy Mara

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In the infamous words of our grocery store cake decorator


Mom and Dad are so surprised to be sitting here one year later already. She has grown so much. Even though her party was this past Saturday, we still had to post today, of course. You have seen the pictures, so now the video. You see all the nail biting suspense of her cake episode. She ate cake… She didn’t eat cake… you decide! You see her open presents. Forget the clothes! I want the bath fizzies! And MORE….

Birthday 2006 Video
Birthday 2006 Video

41.0 MB / Time 16:14

February 19, 2006

Party Party Party

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So, we just had Mara’s 1st birthday party on Saturday. She won’t really be one until this Wednesday. It was not a big event, but big enough and very fun for both attendants and the birthday girl. Grandma came in for a visit from New York. Nana was expected as well but unfortunately wasn’t feeling well and was missed. The day started as it normally would. It wasn’t until lunch time that things changed a little. We all enjoyed some good barbeque from Prissy Polly’s. Mara is a big fan.

Bday06 6

My fist tastes great… thanks.

After lunch we got Mara’s birthday cake out. For some reason the woman at the grocery store felt that “1st Happy Mara” fit on the cake better than “Happy 1st Mara.” Go figure.

Bday06 7

Cake Mara likes

Needless to say it got messy.

Bday06 19

Check out my clown face

After a quick bath, we proceeded to have Mara open her presents. She got some gifts that will go toward her savings for an education. She seemed to enjoy that.

Bday06 28

Teaching Mara early

To view all the pictures you can click below.
Birthday 2006 Album

February 14, 2006

Sending A Valentines Kiss Your Way

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Happy Valentines Day from Mara!  Not only can she kiss, she can give really good hugs now.

Mara Kiss

February 13, 2006


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Lately Mara has shown her desire to play with books on her own, not just when we read them to her. Take a look at this video where she shows she kind of knows what she’s doing.

In the background I think you hear some parrots talking too. They almost talk as good as Mara.

Mara Reads A Book Video

Mara Reads A Book Video

2.8 MB / Time 1:10

February 7, 2006

Signs… No Not The Movie

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Its hard to remember who we have told about our teaching Mara how to sign. It was a long road, Mom and Dad repeating sign time and time again with no results. Then one day she just did it and it was a real suprise. The first one we taught her was “eat.” The true-tell indication that she understood what it meant, vs. just repeating what we do or following word association alone, came one Saturday morning. As typical, we spend a lot of time caring for her in the morning such that we don’t enjoy our breakfast until it is well after she is done with her own. This day Mom was sitting on the couch minding her beeswax enjoying an bacon and egg bagel, when Mara caught wind of what was going on. Mara went right up to Mom and stood next to the couch. But, since she cannot have eggs yet, she was relatively ignored. She quickly turned to Dad and showed the eat sign clearly “saying” that she wanted some of what Mom had.

The next sign to come was “drink” which took a while for her to use. She also does “all done,” but that one she has not really done independently as much as just copy us. We have been using “cereal” to signify her cheerios for just about as long as eat, but she still doesn’t use that one yet.

This is a short video of us catching her with the “eat” sign.

Mara Signs Video
Mara Signs Video

1.5 MB / Time 0:39

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