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April 30, 2007

Big Day Saturday

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Mara had a pretty full day this past Saturday. It seems to be if there is one event, there is more.

It started with Zach’s birthday party around lunch time. After a full morning of play in the house, it was off to Jump N’ Fun to get some physical play. Believe it or not there are no pics of Mara enjoying the large blow up attractions (like a “moonwalk” from the olden days, but more variety). Instead after getting a little tired she retired to the small child play area, or play pen.

DurhamApr07 03

Having fun with little people toys.

Happy birthday Zach! After the party we drove out to Raleigh for a errand Dad had to run. The alternative motive was to take a ride to the Cheesecake Factory. There isn’t one in Greensboro, so any time we can get out there we try to. There was someone else that is beginning to think the Factory is a hit. Here is Mara diving into her first cheesecake. Although it was really the whipped cream that peaked her interest.

DurhamApr07 04

Ooooh, let me have some!

Lastly as we walked out of the Factory and waited for Mom and Campbell, Mara noticed the band that had setup shop. She quickly gave indication that she wanted to dance, so instead of returning for home right away we took a break in the common area to have a listen and let Mara do her thing. On top of shaking her booty, she loves to jump to the music.

DurhamApr07 05

Haven’t you heard of jump dancing?

You can see a few more pics by clicking through any of the ones above.

April 19, 2007

Red Robin Again

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Red Robin wasn’t necessarily a frequented location for dinner for the Evans family. That is until we realized that Red Robin came out from behind the scenes to visit with everyone in the restaurant on certain nights. He was an instant hit with Mara, in contrast to how she reacts to Santa Claus. Since the discovery we have been there to eat probably every week for the last three or four weeks.

With Grandma and Grandpa in town, we wanted them to be able to witness the phenomenon that is Red Robin first hand. So we went on up there on Tuesday to see what we could see. They got to see a kid as happy as can be with the bird.

RR Apr2

That’s No Kid.

Whoops, looks like Grandpa got more than he bargained for in his trip to eat a hamburger. Mara’s not the only one that likes the red bird.

RR Apr3

Uhhh, You See This Bird?!!?

Now this has officially become the first commercial building that Mara has acknowledged that she recognizes. When we drive into the parking lot she exclaims, “Red Robin!”

RR Apr5

Mara, Grandpa, And The Bird.

Click on any picture to see a couple more photos from Tuesday. The other pics are from our first visit. Oh, and Campbell was with us, but just snoozing.

April 16, 2007

First Visit With Little Brother

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We’ve gotten the video together that we were trying to have ready for the last post announcing Campbell’s arrival. You can see first hand Mara’s timidness around the new little one. She is a little bit shy for the first time she sees him on Saturday, but she comes through with a kiss for him in the end. We think that it will take some adjustment for her to having him around, but Mara is going to love him very much and be a great help to Mom and Dad in giving him care within no time. Take a look.

Little Brother Video
Little Brother Video

4.1 MB / Time 1:42

April 14, 2007

New Baby Brother

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It has been a very busy two days for the Evans Family! Our family has grown by one special new member, Campbell Reed Evans. Yes, that link is his website, so check it out!

Here you see Mara and Mom hanging out literally an hour before her baby brother, Campbell arrived. Mom looks so chipper because she just had her epidural at 5 p.m.


Smiles For Now.

Mara came for a visit this morning to finally meet her new brother.


I’m A Big Sister!

Grandma has been watching Mara for the last couple of days. Or Mara has been watching her maybe. Grandma says that if she doesn’t know where something is in the house, Mara is sure to let her know.


Grandma, Mara, and Campbell.

A video was planned for this post, but because of technical difficulties cruddy video editing software, the file is not ready. For now, you will need to seek satisfaction by looking at Campbell’s video.

April 10, 2007

Movin’ On Up

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Well, the move seems to have happened without any major catastrophes. If you have been to the sight you actually may have never seen it go down. I didn’t. So now with the new host the page loads should be relatively back to normal. Here are some things that are still going on.

  • Videos – When we started moving the site the videos were not actually loaded onto the new server yet. Now they have been. So if you were trying to see a video in the last day or so, now you can get to it.
  • Pictures – It seems that if you are using internet explorer there are some problems looking at some pictures and/or some albums. I didn’t notice this until it was recently pointed out to me as it seems to be working fine with firefox. So if you are using firefox, good for you. If you are using ie but feel scorned that you can’t see Mara as you would like, then Get Firefox.
  • That’s all for now. If you notice anything wrong please email us. I will be working on trying to get the pictures all fixed up.

    April 9, 2007

    Sit Tight

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    As you may have witnessed if you have been trying to visit the site, there have been some problems in maratown. Our host has had some severe issues that I haven’t been able to obtain a straight answer on, so it is off to new pastures. I am going to try and make the switch tonight, so if you can’t get to the website for a day or so, it’s because of the move. If you can’t get to the site for a few days, well, then Dad screwed something up.

    So take it easy, and hopefully we will be back soon.

    Oh, and don’t use dot5hosting. They stink! I hope godaddy fares better.

    April 8, 2007

    Happy Easter!

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    April 3, 2007

    Baby Brother Preparation Underway

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    So Sunday, April 1st, at the hospital Mara took a class called Big Sister/Big Brother. It’s designed for 2-5 year olds to prepare them for a sibling. She brought her baby doll as you will see by the pictures. They were taught how to diaper their dolls and wrap them up in a blanket. The blankets were crocheted and donated by volunteers and Mara got to pick hers out and keep it. Of course she picked the pink one for her girl doll! After those lessons we went upstairs to the nursery to see any babies that might happen to be in there. Luckily there was a little baby boy. She looked thru the nursery window at him and said, “Hi baby”! After that she got to visit an empty patient room so she will have some familiarity with it when she sees her mom there. All in all it was a good class and at the end believe it or not she “passed” and got to receive a certificate with a gold seal on it. She was ran up to the front of the room when they called her name to get it. Upon returning to mom and dad she showed us her gold seal saying, “ooooooo”!



    Sure her baby is upside down in a photo and also her head is covered up with the blanket but hey, she’s working on this big sister thing, right? Click on the any picture to view the entire album.


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