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April 30, 2006

Easter Sunday

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For Mara the Easter Bunny brought all non candy items.  She got a yellow noise maker thingy, a sheep that baa’s (she can also make this noise) and a rabbit in a carrot shaped puzzle.  We kept it small being her first Easter and all.  She did get some really cute Easter gifts from both grandmothers.  They really do spoil her & she’s loving it!  Thanks!

So here are photos of her from that day outside in our yard!  Be sure to view the entire album by clicking on the picture!



April 18, 2006

Trip to NY, April 06

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The weekend before Easter weekend the family traveled up to NY. It was a good chance to see everyone and Mara had to show off her skills. Click on the picture below to see the whole album.

NY Apr 06 10

April 17, 2006

S – M – All… Small

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Wow, can you believe that she used to be this small?????

Now she is communicating and talking and walking almost all the time. It is hard to believe how far she has come.

Mara In Highchair1

Whoa, this chair is big!

Mara On Shoulders

Uhhh…. Dad, this is high.

Shortly we will have some pics from our last NY trip.

April 16, 2006

Luke & Mara

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                  Just some really cute pictures of Luke & Mara!

Luke Mara

Luke Maracloser

                                        Closer now!

April 13, 2006

Goofing Off

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One afternoon when I came home Kathy, the nanny, told me Mara would wear the glasses in her doctor kit.  She doesn’t leave them on long but it is funny when they are.  So here are a couple of shots of her in the glasses for laughs.


                          Our little bookworm!

Glasses Off

             Oh these glasses are giving me a headache!

April 7, 2006

The Moment, Part 2

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Mara continued to practice the next day this past Monday with her walking. She was on a hot streak. Strangely enough she has done little walking in the last few days. But, we are off to NY for the weekend, so we’ll see if she will treat everyone to some walking while we are up there. She is close to walking all the time, we are just waiting for when.

Practice Walking Part Two Video
Practice Walking Part Two Video

9.4 MB / Time 3:47

April 6, 2006

The Moment, Part 1

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So, it was an eventful weekend. First on Friday Mara visited Parker at Bob and Shannon Sowell’s. Mara and Parker hung out for a little while, but then Mara was unable to go to sleep in a strange house while Parker went off to bed. Instead she provided entertainement for everyone. She also showed that she had been practicing her walking skills a little by taking a couple steps from person to person.

The next morning Mara got to go to the pool at the YMCA. Come to think of it, the video of her swimming lesson has never been posted. Maybe that will get on here soon. Anyways, Mara really enjoyed the pool. Dad dunked her a couple times, but she was also trying to blow bubbles and kick her feet.

Then on Sunday Dad and Mara were playing with her princess ball. Mara seemed to want to stand and hold her ball like she sees the neighbors when they play basketball. It wasn’t long until Dad convinced her to take a few steps to the ottoman. Mom came in soon after and got some video. Sorry that the lighting is blown out a little. So, this is the first video of Mara standing on her own, a new trick discovered just last week, and then video of her taking quite a few steps on her own.

Practice Walking Part One Video
Practice Walking Part One Video

11.2 MB / Time 4:30

April 5, 2006

What Comes Next?

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Mara has been progressing quite a bit lately. We are still amazed at her capacity to learn and what she is able to show us she knows every day. There are a lot of people out there wondering when she will be walking. Well, we will get to that.

First, we took some video last week of her latest skills. You will see that she has gotten adept at maneuvering her mail cart. This has helped her practice walking without Mom or Dad’s assistance. Just before this shot she walked the cart up to Kiwi’s cage to say “hi Kiwi.”

Next you will see that she can get up the stairs quite easily, then she will show you what she knows about her blocks. Last she plays with some bowling pins that she got at Christmas time, and only after watching tape does Dad realize that she said “Dog” about 5 times without me acknowledging it because I didn’t notice what the blue pin is. A dog. As Mom indicated in an earlier post she has gotten quite a vocabulary. You will see it here a little. Notice how she says “please.” She only gets out the “P” and “S.”

Stairs And Blocks Video
Stairs And Blocks Video

13.4 MB / Time 5:22

April 4, 2006

Daddy’s Little Bookworm

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As anyone could tell by our time spent blogging on Mara’s website March was a busy month for us as a family.  Needless to say I couldn’t pass up posting these cute pictures of Mara and her daddy reading together on Auntie Jen’s bed.  We were in Richmond over the weekend in the middle of March for a baby shower for Amy & Danny Poythress.  They are having a little boy….maybe this Wednesday if all goes well! 

daddy  s bookworm

Daddy  s bookworm1

Daddy  s bookworm2


April 1, 2006

Mara’s Pink Chair

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Mara received a pink furry chair with a princess for Christmas on it from Great Aunt Sheila.  It has recently become her favorite place to plop down!  She sits in it and reads books, holds her toys (mostly the matching ball she received with the chair) or every now and then catches a little t.v.  Well not really t.v. more like the one Baby Einstein video she now owns which is about things around the house.  She watches little to no t.v. and for now it will stay that way.  Everyone has their opinions about it but we feel in limited doses and without commercials it is fine.

She has a huge vocabulary these days saying words like….duck (frequently), dog, turtle, cat, milk, up, momma, dada, book, picture (she tries), etc… She can even tell you what the sheep says…baa!  Also she has a baby einstein book that if you ask her where’s the duck she can point it out on multiple pages.  She’s certainly blossoming these days!  And so much fun!!!



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