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April 1, 2006

Mara’s Pink Chair

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Mara received a pink furry chair with a princess for Christmas on it from Great Aunt Sheila.  It has recently become her favorite place to plop down!  She sits in it and reads books, holds her toys (mostly the matching ball she received with the chair) or every now and then catches a little t.v.  Well not really t.v. more like the one Baby Einstein video she now owns which is about things around the house.  She watches little to no t.v. and for now it will stay that way.  Everyone has their opinions about it but we feel in limited doses and without commercials it is fine.

She has a huge vocabulary these days saying words like….duck (frequently), dog, turtle, cat, milk, up, momma, dada, book, picture (she tries), etc… She can even tell you what the sheep says…baa!  Also she has a baby einstein book that if you ask her where’s the duck she can point it out on multiple pages.  She’s certainly blossoming these days!  And so much fun!!!



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