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February 16, 2010

Zebras, Zebras, and Zebras, Oh My!

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This past Saturday we celebrated Mara’s 5th birthday. The theme was zebras, and Mom organized a wonderful party for the little miss. We had a few activities to keep the kids occupied. For the most part they went off with no issues, which was great.

First we started with a zebra puppet craft. It was a little difficult for the kids to accomplish, or at least the first sewing step. There were a lot of parents doing the sewing. But the second step of putting on the faces and fur was right up their alley with a bit of gluing and placing.

Birthday10 004

Just waiting for the kids.

Next, the face painting was also a big hit. We have Lisa to thank for that idea, and also the execution as we had no idea what to do for the painting. She nailed it because the kids absolutely loved it.

Birthday10 050

The big 5.

Lastly, the pinata was probably the most tenuous part of the party. Having young kids swing a big stick wasn’t the greatest of ideas, but it went off without a problem. We didn’t anticipate the scrum for the candy either and that got a little hectic. But, everyone survived and made it to the end.

Birthday10 043

This is the end of the road for you zebra pinata!

It was great to have all the friends come out to celebrate with us. We know that Mara loved seeing everyone, so thank you.

Birthday10 053

Friends make parties the best!

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