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July 18, 2005

A Walk To The Lake

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So some might be wondering, just what did Luke do during all that time off? Here is an actual activity that Mara and I did very often, pretty much every day unless it was raining. Even then I took her out with the umbrella once. I have since found out that all babies like to go outside and that it pacifies them. I thought that I had discovered the holy grail when I took Mara out for a walk for the first time. To me it helped occupy some awake time when she wasn’t eating or sleeping, to get her on schedule.

Keep an eye out in the beginning. I came close to making a big blunder on the stairs, kinda funny (OK not really since I had precious cargo). Also, later on (much later), you may think I’m a loon talking about seeing turtles, but they just don’t show up well. First they only poke their heads out and are really small, plus the conversion to a video I can put on the internet distorts it too much to see them. But they’re there I tell you… they’re there!

Walk To Lake Video

Walk To Lake Video

17.3 MB / Time 6:53

Update: OK, I think the swimming creature that I talk about in the video, but don’t know the name for, is a muskrat. It was bothering me so I looked it up.

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