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July 24, 2005

Over The Hills & Thru The Woods…

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Today I went to Nana’s house (a.k.a. maternal grandmother-Ann). It was very fun to see her because we haven’t visited in quite some time. I was a bit skeptical at first. For the last month I know who my parents are and people I see regularly but everyone else frightens me a little in the beginning. I usually warm up once the other person holds me but I can still see mom & dad close by keeping an eye on me.

She got to see me eat my sweet potatoes for lunch and grab at my bottle like I’m going to actually feed myself. Later in the day when I got tired she rocked me to sleep in her sqeaky rocking chair. It was nice being all cuddled up against her. When I left I had something to remember her by…I smelled her light perfume on me.

Nana and Mara

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