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June 27, 2005

On The Road To Recovery

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Since the last posting the health of the Evans girls had declined but now I imagine we must be close to feeling better. This has been going on from about last Thursday evening (June 23rd) until now. Being new parents we didn’t want to not visit the pediatrician to make sure Mara was doing well despite her congestion, real cough (not the cute fake one for attention), and sneezing. Today we learned her ears look good. No ear infections thus far…Hooray! Mara only being 18 weeks old (tomorrow) we were told by Dr. Lowe there really isn’t much to do for her cold. The humidifier, Pedicare medicine (OTC) and using the bulbous booger sucker with some saline is about it.

Her appetite hasn’t seemed to suffer despite being sick…today at the peds office she weighed 12lbs 12 ounces. That’s 7 ounces more than just 10 days ago at her 4 month doctor visit!

I just hope that her throat hasn’t hurt as much as mine did in the beginning. That has seemed to fade for me now and has been replaced by a nagging cough. All in all we can’t believe what a complete sweetheart our little one continues to be. Sure she’s not feeling well and you can tell a little bit but she hasn’t been outrageously cranky or inconsolable in the least.

We are hoping to be feeling much better by this weekend because we will be visiting with Brenda & Luke Evans…a.k.a. Mara’s paternal grandparents. Mara will be elated to see new faces so she can flash a gummy smile.

Also coming up at end of this week Mara will be doing the second photo shoot of her life. We want to get some real good ones because now it should be a big contrast to the tiny, sleepy little baby that was photographed during her first month of life. As soon as we can get to it we’ll post a couple of the photos from that first shoot here on her blog. Most are framed but we have a couple that are not yet and we can try scanning them for you all to view.

Lastly….a plea…we are hearing many of you are checking out the website but we have no way of knowing unless you become a registered user for the website and make a comment. So if you have the time we’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, things you like to see written about here or pictures you’d like to see, etc.

Update: Added an example of the professional photos.



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  1. Picture of me is not too flattering. I had my pregnancy weight on at the time…

    Comment by Luke — July 1, 2005 @ 4:46 pm

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