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June 23, 2006


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Mara started daycare Monday June 12th, which also happens to be Nana’s (A.K.A. Ann Smith) birthday. She is acclimating quite well. At first she seems to just observe everything as if taking it all in, then she feels comfortable about becoming a part of the group. Now I think she worries that at nap time she’s going to miss something because she hasn’t been sleeping her normal 2+ hours instead she only slept 30-45 mins. the first couple of days. Once she’s use to it I’m sure she’ll be back on her normal napping pattern. She is however being her normal self in terms of demeanor. There is a check list I get everyday about her disposition. She got a check mark for chatty, happy and cooperative most days. She even helped put up the toys her first day! What a sweet one we have. Also everyday on her status report it said she had a fun time today, “DANCING”! It doesn’t matter where you are with her if she hears some music she will dance! Too cute!! You can also see Ms. Rogers, one of her teachers, in the pictures.


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